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Thread: Our oldest dog has passed - RIP Veeti

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    Our oldest dog has passed - RIP Veeti

    Veeti is on the left background in this photo

    Rest in Peace our dog Veeti. A dwarf poodle who lived up to be 16-years. He actually turned that just couple weeks back.

    It was our hardest decision for Milla and I to have him put down. He had lost his hearing a year ago already and his eyesight was degrading all the time. Plus being so old had taken its toll, he had lost weight and walked very slowly. Mostly he just seemed confused for most of the time in later times.

    That is a contrast to how he lived majority of his life. He was a happy energetic dog who loved jumping in snow. And many times people were shocked to hear he was 11-years old or 14-years old when he acted like a 7-year old.

    The sorrow and pain is unbearable right now. Veeti was the best dog, and Milla's first. I was glad he accepted me as part of the family when I met him 9 years ago. I was gladly a "dad" to him for these years.
    Gonna take a while to process these feelings...

    I thank you all for the support, gotten lovely messages on facebook already and hearing others who have also had to lose a pet that was considered part of the family.

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    Sorry to hear you've lost a dear family member Jukka - we lost our Buffy earlier this year, she was 16 too.

    Never forgotten


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    I'm sorry to read about your loss, Jukka. Losing a pet can be just as bad (or worse) than losing a human family member.

    My daughter loves the picture of your pups, and has suggested that we build a snow-dog of your Veeti that will come to life and make you happy. (Sadly, we live in Texas and have no snow.)
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    So very sorry.
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    I'm sorry. It's hard and never easy.

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    Sorry to hear that Jukka. I haven't had a dog since I was a kid, but I know it's very painful to lose a dog you are close to.

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    I'm very sorry. Losing a pet is losing a member of the family, but take some solace in the fact he had a lot of good years with you.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. The grief can be so difficult, but Veeti was lucky to have you, he was loved and will always be in your hearts.

    I lost my cat Janis last month, she was also 16, she had a stroke earlier this year and I spent the last months taking care of her, she lost use of her rear legs, the last weeks were especially hard as her condition deteriorated and she wouldn't even eat by herself anymore. I miss her greatly and think often of her, I've cried every day since her passing away, the healing has not been easy.
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    I miss so many of mine, can't even visit their resting places any more. Yet I believe one day I shall see them all again in newness of life. Its never easy to be parted, but I do hold hope that its only a temporary situation.
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    How do you say goodbye to a true friend?Someone who never asks for anything,someone who is always happy to see you no matter what time of day or night it is!Someone who is always the same to you no matter how they feel!You can never say goodbye to such a loyal friend!But always remember this they love you very much and truly appreciate everything you do for them!RIP Veeti.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets are truly part of the family, and they leave a big hole behind in our lives when they leave us.

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    Sorry for your loss. Sounded like she was an awesome dog.

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    Sorry for your loss mate, I know what loosing a family dog it like.
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    I'm so sorry. Facebook was kind enough to remind me this morning that it was a year yesterday that we lost our Buddy to kidney failure at a ripe old age of 14.

    You have my deepest condolences.
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    So sad!!!! I'm sorry. They aren't pets they are a beloved member of the family!!!!

    Adorable pic.
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    I believe one of the great sadnesses of life is that our pets do not live as long as we do.

    As a lifelong dog lover and owner of many wonderful dogs, I deeply sympathize and empathize with your loss. I hope you draw some solace from the fact that your beloved family member lived a good, long and happy life with a caring and loving owner.

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