First: ANY staction is a good staction. I had mixed emotions at first, but...i don't know about you fans, but THIS fan likes to periodically re-arrange his figures in a battle scene, and I wasn't too keen having "figures" that not only cost twice as much, but also did not have any poseable features.
I have completley come around however, as i find this way they don't get loose, and the four horsemen KNOW what a cool pose is, so there's really no need to want the change them, as the fit right in to any battle scene I can conjure.

Second: The Four Horsemen do no wrong. They are Gods as far as I am concerned. And I thank them profusely for fighting so hard on our behalf to keep MOTU going...whatever form it may take.

so to answer the questions simply.
Yes, the Rio Blast staction kicks butt.