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Thread: An unlikely ally!

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    An unlikely ally!

    He-Man/Prince Adam
    She-Ra/Princess Adora
    Swift Wind/Spirit
    Evil Lynn
    Light Hope

    We begin this one at Snake Mountain. Skeletor is talking to Evil Lynn.

    Skeletor: Evil Lynn, I have finally come up with a plan to defeat our enemies.

    Evil Lynn: You have said this many times, Skeletor, but you keep being defeated by He-Man.

    Skeletor: Exactly. That is why this time, He-Man is going to help us defeat the Royal Family, Etheria's Great Rebellion, and the Horde!

    Evil Lynn: But Skeletor, we both know that He-Man stands for everything we're against.

    Skeletor: Yes. But I have a plan that will get him on our side.

    Skeletor and Evil Lynn disappear, they reappear in a forest on Eternia

    Skeletor: Behold, Evil Lynn, one of the kindest animals, a rabbit. Watch this.

    Skeletor shoots the rabbit with his havoc staff. The rabbit begins to growl, looking for prey.

    Skeletor: I have a device attached to my staff that turns things into their total opposite. All I have to do is find some way to get He-Man to come after us, like he always does. Then, once I shoot him with my staff, not even She-Ra will be able to stop me!

    Evil Lynn: That sounds like a great plan, but don't you despise He-Man?

    Skeletor: Yes, I do, which is why after he helps me destroy Hordak, She-Ra, the Horde, the Rebels, and the Royal Family, I will reverse the spell, and he will feel very guilty, unworthy of protecting Eternia, and I will rule the galaxy! Hehehehahahahahahahaha!

    Meanwhile, at the Palace...

    Adam: Hey Orko, did you clean your room?

    Orko: Well....

    Adam: Orko!

    Orko: Alright!

    Adam goes for a walk, he hears some comotion

    Adam: Something is wrong, and I think He-Man is needed!

    Adam lifts up his sword, transforms into He-Man. Skeletor and Evil Lynn are not too far away...

    Skeletor: He-Man should be here any moment.

    He-Man: I'm right here, Skeletor.

    Skeletor: He-Man! I was actually hoping to see you.

    He-Man: You are acting awful strange Skeletor. I have a feeling you are up to something here.

    Skeletor: Who, me?

    Skeletor pulls out his staff

    He-Man: Aren't you always causing trouble?

    Skeletor: But of course!

    Skeletor shoots his staff at He-Man. He-Man blocks it.

    Skeletor: Drat. This is going to be harder than I thought.

    Evil Lynn disappears, then reappears a few feet away.

    Evil Lynn: He-Man, things are about to change.

    He-Man: How?

    Skeletor: Like this!

    Skeletor takes another shot at He-Man, this time getting him.

    Skeletor: Finally! It worked.

    He-Man: Master. What is the plan?

    Skeletor: You'll find out soon. Now come along.

    Meanwhile, on Etheria, Bow and Glimmer are testing out a new invention sent to the Rebellion by Man-At-Arms

    Bow: If this thing works well, the Horde will have a much harder time defeating us.

    Glimmer: Then Etheria can finally be free in no time.

    Adora walks into the scene with Spirit

    Adora: So, how is Duncan's invention working?

    Bow: Pretty good. Your father chose a great invetor for the Palace.

    Adora: That's good to know.

    Suddenly, Adora feels her sword vibrating

    Adora: I'll be right back, I have something urgent to take care of!

    A few minutes later, Adora is talking to the Sorceress through her sword

    Adora: What is it, Sorceress?

    Sorceress: This is very bad news. Your brother, He-Man, is now working for Skeletor.

    Adora: He-Man? With Skeletor? But how?

    Sorceress: Your brother seems to be under some sort of evil spell cast upon him by Skeletor. They've already attacked the Palace, luckily Man-At-Arms' guards were able to keep the damage at minimum, and then they headed to Etheria.

    Adora: Oh no! With He-Man on Skeletor's side, this planet could be in great danger. Those two together could be worse than the entire Horde combined!

    Sorceress: That is why She-Ra is needed. If anyone can bring your brother back to who he really is, it is you, Adora. Skeletor and He-Man are heading to the Fright Zone now. You may want to meet them there.

    Adora: Thank you Sorceress.

    Adora transforms to She-Ra, then heads back to Whispering Woods with Swift Wind, she tells Bow and Glimmer of the situation

    Bow: With He-Man under Skeletor's spell, we could be in danger.

    She-Ra: That is why I'm asking the rest of you to stay here. If anyone can handle He-Man, it's me. Up Swift Wind!

    Swift Wind goes into the air with She-Ra. Meanwhile, Skeletor and He-Man are just getting inside the Fright Zone.

    Skeletor: When we get done with Hordak, we'll go to Whispering Woods and trap the Rebellion.

    He-Man: I'll take care of She-Ra.

    Hordak shows up as He-Man and Skeletor walk up a walkway

    Hordak: Skeletor! And He-Man?

    He-Man: That's right, Hordak!

    Hordak: Since when do you work for Skeletor?

    Skeletor: Since I've come up with the ultimate plot to take out my enemies, which includes you!

    Skeletor shoots his staff, now with the spell device unattached, at Hordak. Hordak ducks. The rest of the Horde comes out. Grizzlor goes to grab He-Man, but He-Man throws Grizzlor into the next room.

    Hordak: Leech! Drain He-Man's powers!

    Leech walks up behind He-Man, goes to place his cup hands on his ears, but He-Man grabs him and throws him over to Grizzlor

    Skeletor: For once, I'm winning against you, Hordak!

    Hordak: Don't be so sure. Catra!

    Catra transforms into a cat and lunges towards Skeletor. Skeletor stuns her with his staff.

    He-Man: Hordak, it would appear that the odds are against you. We will destroy you and the rest of the Horde.

    Hordak: It is not like you to talk that way, He-Man. You are now sounding like me!

    With Hordak distracted, Skeletor shoots cables and ties Hordak up in them.

    Skeletor: That takes care of the Horde. We'll be back after we take care of the Rebels!

    Meanwhile, at the Crystal Castle, She-Ra is speaking to Light Hope

    She-Ra: My brother is under a terrible spell. I've battled him in the past, right before he and the Sorceress helped me see what the Horde is really like. I don't want to battle him again.

    Light Hope: The answer lies within both of your swords. It is through both of your swords that the spell can be broken, and He-Man can conquer the spell.

    She-Ra: I will keep that in mind.

    Meanwhile, at the Whispering Woods, Skeletor shoots something that traps the entire Woods in a force field. Bow comes to the end to confront them, but is trapped.

    Bow: Skeletor, you won't get away with this once She-Ra gets back. And He-Man, you have to snap out of this. Don't you see the trouble Skeletor is trying to cause?

    He-Man: The Rebellion is going down. Skeletor will conquer the galaxy.

    She-Ra shows up

    She-Ra: He-Man, I think it's time you came back to your senses.

    Skeletor: You won't do the rebels any good, She-Ra. I have the one person who can stop you right here.

    He-Man: Now we can see who is better.

    He-Man takes his sword out, She-Ra lands and takes her sword out.

    Skeletor: I've always wanted to see a battle between you two.

    He-Man swings his sword at She-Ra. She-Ra swings back, their swords clash.

    She-Ra, thinking out loud to herself: Now what did Light Hope mean when he said the answer lies within our swords?

    They continue swinging the swords back and forth. At one point, they remain in position, their swords remaining together.

    He-Man: We're evenly matched. I may have to take some other kind of measures.

    She-Ra, noticing their swords are crossed, has the idea dawn on her...

    She-Ra: That's it! For the Honor of Greyskull, please bring He-Man back to who he really is!

    A glow forms around both of them for about a minute. Afterwards, they draw back their swords.

    He-Man: I'm sorry Skeletor, but your plot has failed.

    Skeletor: Drat! No matter. When we meet again, He-Man, I will defeat you!

    Skeletor disappears, as does the force field. The Horde then shows up. He-Man looks over at She-Ra.

    He-Man: I'm pretty sure Hordak has a bounty on my head.

    She-Ra: Then let's send these troublemakers back to the Fright Zone.

    He-Man: I got ya, sis.

    Hordak: There's He-Man! Get him, Troopers!

    A bunch of Horde Troopers come after He-Man. Both He-Man and She-Ra throw them around.

    Hordak: What bad timing, just as he had broken Skeletor's spell and has She-Ra with him. I'll get you guys next time!

    Hordak forms into a rocket and takes off.

    He-Man: Looks like someone made this a miserable day for the Horde.

    Awhile later, as He-Man is getting ready to return to Eternia, he's talking into She-Ra's sword

    He-Man: I'm on my way. I'm fine, Skeletor abandoned the fight as soon as I came back to normal.

    Sorceress: It's great to have you back, He-Man.

    The Sorceress disappears

    He-Man: Sis, I want to thank you for helping me break that spell.

    She-Ra: Don't thank me. I've owed you a favor this big for a long time for helping me see the Horde for who they really are.

    The siblings embrace, then He-Man heads through the portal back to Eternia.

    The story ends with Skeletor back at Snake Mountain

    Skeletor: One day, I will find a way to defeat all of my enemies. He-Man can't escape my schemes forever.

    Skeletor's spell device, now broken in pieces, drops through a portal, courtesy of He-Man


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