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Thread: Extendar paint turns green?

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    Extendar paint turns green?

    Does anybody know what paint Mattel used on Extendar's gloves? Almost every single figure I've ever seen - loose or MOC - suffers the same fate. The gloves discolour to a rusty green (like a ship that's been submerged for decades) within a matter of years.

    Such a shame to see him rot like that...

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    Curse of the "DARS"

    My Stonedar had also suffered this fate. Simple fix for loose figs.....
    Repaint with Gold Sharpie paint marker.
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    Extendar's hands.

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I recently bought another Extandar as part of a joblot and he's got green hands instead of gold. All the other colors are the same and there's no indication that it's a custom job. Any idea on different versions out there? I've looked and can't find any info on this. Thanks!

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    Just the paint degrading, unfortunately. I have extendars in various states of decay.Kind of like the leg paint problem on Roboto or two-bad. I think the green colour is kind of interesting though.

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    vintage extendar question

    i was wondering if anyone knew why most or all of the extendar figures have partially green hands? are all of the extendars this way and if not, how rare is one with silver hands. i ask because i am interested in buying a moc afa graded one and i would like to find one with silver gloves if that is even possible. thanks

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    your so right ...

    When I put my chessboard together, I needed 4 Extendars for the red pawns and ya, they are very often found with mutant-green hands.

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