Well, it never happened... that's why you don't know about it.
There was actually going to be a Target 2-pack featuring everyone's two favorite love-to-hate variants: Smash Blade He-Man and Spin Blade Skeletor.

It's probably for the best this 2-pack never happened, given how those two figures plagued toy isles for nearly a year, and probably contributed to the downfall of the new toys.

But, what was going to make this 2-pack special was an exclusive comic.
Much like the previous Target 2-pack with the comic, this one was going to have a full-sized comic with a 10 page story that told the origin of these two figures in a mini-comic style stand-alone story.

The comic was actually written, pencilled, colored, lettered... the whole kit and kaboodle.
I actually have it, and had forgotten about the thing until Robert Kirkman made mention of it to me lately.

It was written & lettered by Robert Kirkman,
pencilled by Kevin Sharpe,
colored by Brian Buccellato and Steve Cobb,
with a cover by Emiliano Santalucia w/ colors from myself.

It was done very quickly, as the 2-pack sprung up out of no where.
I think we had to do the whole thing in 2 weeks.
Emiliano was able to do the cover, but because he was busy on the actual comic series, he couldn't do the interiors (much to his disappointment).
We still managed to get it all done, but at the last minute, the 2-pack never happened and the comic never went anywhere after it was finished.

We're considering putting it online for you all to check out.
Is it something you'd like to see?
We can't guarantee we'll get it up any time soon, if at all. but I'm curious who might be interested.