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Thread: Masters Cast - He-Man & She-Ra PODCAST

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    Masters Cast - He-Man & She-Ra PODCAST

    Masters Cast is a podcast that is completely centered around talking about He-Man and She-Ra. It is hosted by fellow fans TheShadow, Lioncourt, Rainbow Brite, Wacky Martin, and StratosMacca! For those that do not know, a podcast is an online radio talk show. Masters Cast is completely free and all episodes are in mp3 format.

    We've been "broadcasting" episodes since October 2005!


    Subscribe: You can subscribe for free! Click here to subscribe via iTunes

    Or, input our RSS feed into your favorite reader:

    Submit Your Voice: We want to hear you on the show! Visit the website at to find out how to send us your audio! You can send it via Skype, email, or telephone!


    Our original thread can be found here

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    Just released 10/6/2013: EPISODE 55 of Masters Cast!
    The He-Man & She-Ra Podcast at

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