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Once more - Great episode!
Thanks for your continued support!

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Great job you guys! I was a little disappointed you didn't close out with the "I Have The Power" remake but otherwise, a pleasure. Tell Katie to get back to work!
I fear people may get quite tired of the song if we put it on episode episode. You can download it over in the She-Ra forum if you'd like.

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I've just never had a desire for vehicle toys in general.
Are Stridor and Night Stalker good in-betweens? To me they have always been half vehicle, half beast.

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So there are actually 2 $40 items, not 2 $30 items as I believe was stated in the podcast.
Lioncourt better watch his pocketbook!

I am such a bad MOTU/POP buyer. I never seem to check the prices, I just buy. I was like whoa when I finally found some of the new MOTU Hot Wheels the other day at K-Mart. When I checked out they were $4.50 each or something. I was like wowsers, these are some expensive wheels!