It's Monday... which means it's time for... another episode review thread.

This week's episode is "The Shaping Staff", an early episode most notable for the one and only appearance in the cartoon of Faker.

At the Royal Palace, a mysterious sorceress called Majestra suddenly appears. She performs a trick, putting King Randor into the 'Cabinet of Wonders' and making him disappear and reappear again. Unbeknown to the Royal party, Majestra is really a magically disguised Evil-Lyn, and the magic trick was to replace the real King Randor with Beast Man. Evil-Lyn and Beast Man have found the mystical Shaping Staff, which they use to transform the real King Randor into a goat, and Orko into a cricket. As King Randor, Beast Man plans to give the command to take over Castle Grayskull. Outside Castle Grayskull, Skeletor waits for them, with his latest creation - a magical clone of He-Man called Faker...

I'd like to hear what you have to say on this episode.
I'll be posting my own review of it a bit later.