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Thread: "Evilseed" - the return of the Official Classic Episode Review Threads!

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    "Evilseed" - the return of the Official Classic Episode Review Threads!

    It's Monday, I have nothing better to do, which can only mean that... it's time for another weekly classic episode review thread!!

    This week's episode is the first season fan favourite "Evilseed".

    When He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Battle Cat race to the rescue when the Dam of the Ancients bursts, endangering the local farmers and crops, the farmers tell them how the previous day, a hooded man had appeared and given them seeds to plant by the dam. Overnight the seeds had grown into giant vines, overtaking and destroying the dam. Returning to the Royal Palace, He-Man and Battle Cat find the place overrun with the giant vines. He-Man manages to fend off the vines, but they take the Royal party with them. At Castle Grayskull, He-Man, Orko and the Sorceress get in touch with Skeletor, assuming he is behind it all. However, Snake Mountain is also overrun with the vines, and Skeletor assumes it is He-Man's doing. Suddenly, the true culprit appears to them both - Evilseed, an evil plant-man, who plans to take over the whole of Eternia with his plants. With both the Heroic and Evil Warriors held prisoner by the powerful vines, the Sorceress concludes that He-Man and Skeletor must work together and combine their powers to stop Evilseed...

    Share your thoughts what you think of this popular episode (one of my all time favourites). I'll be posting my own review in a while.
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