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    NEW! Masters of the Universe FAQ [Updated 16/March/2011]

    This FAQ is a work in progress. Additions and corrections will be made frequently.

    Please post in this thread any additions or corrections you'd like to see made to this FAQ. In particular, the Merchandise section is far from complete. We know about and will add info on many of the common merchandising items, but if you believe you know of some more obscure items, please let us know.

    Special thanks to TheShadow and Sir Reilly, both of whom headed parts or all of this FAQ before me.

    Table of Contents










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    What are staction figures?
    They are a line of 6" scaled cold cast resin figures of characters fans wanted from the '02 MOTU line that never came to fruition. NECA and the Four Horsemen are producing many characters from the 200X MotU line that were not produced in action figure form, and some that were with enhanced sculpts, in this mini statue format. These statues are done in the same size and style as the action-figures. The biggest difference is that they are statues and thus can't move. Each character in this line comes with all weapons that were planned, gets colored as originally planned, will be sculpted in the correct size, and will have a base to stand on. The base and accessories will be removable pieces.
    The term "Staction Figure" is one that our very own Horseman, Chris Dahlberg came up with to describe these "static action figures". The official name is "Mini statues".

    What's going to be released?
    So far, the following products have been announced:
    Wave 1 (AVAILABLE)
    - Hordak
    - Clawful
    - Snout Spout

    Wave 2 (AVAILABLE)
    - Grizzlor
    - Stinkor
    - Clamp Champ

    Wave 3 (AVAILABLE):
    - Sorceress (incl. Zoar)
    - Mantenna
    - Tung Lashor

    Wave 4 (shipping in October; available for preorder):
    - Webstor
    - Snake Face
    - Leech

    Wave 5:
    - Sssqueeze
    - Rio Blast
    - Evil-Lyn (incl. Screech

    - King Randor was limited to 2,000 pieces, and offered only at the 2005 SDCC and WWC. But don't worry if you missed out, cause according to the Horsemen, there's a good chance to see a regular Randor in a future wave which will differe from the exclusive version!

    - "Classic Colors" Sorceress is offered only via ActionFigureExpress in colaboration with This Exclusive is a repaint of the regular Sorceress Staction, done in a paint scheme that resembles the colors of the classic character and is what the Four Horsemen intended the 200x version to be colored like.

    - Evil-Lyn was 2006's summer Exclusive Staction, offered only at the San Diego and Chicago Comic Conventions! Not only does this version have a classic colors paint scheme, but the parts that were once re-used from Teela for the action-figure have all been replaced with parts that are all Evil-Lyn’s very own! She also comes equipped with a fragment of the Shard of Darkness around her neck, as seen in Volume One of the comic from MVCreations!

    - King Randor II

    - Kobra Kahn

    What's happened to Odiphus?
    Odiphus was planned to be an "accessoiry" part of Stinkor, but was cancelled from the final product. It turned out that production would've become too expensive, one of the reasons being the amount of additional paint ops he would require.
    But the Four Horsemen have already announced that Odiphus WILL be released at a later date somehow!

    Why can't they be articulated?
    Licensing. The Four Horsemen and NECA are only licensed to do statues. Movable limbs and action features would make these action figures, so they can't add articulation.

    But I've seen articulated Stactions on a website!
    All of them are fan customs! Skilled collectors have found a way to disassemble the parts of the Stactions that were glued together, and to articulate them. If you wanna find out more about their techniques', check out our Custom Forum

    Do Variant or Artist Proof Versions exists?
    Nope. There ain't any Artist Proof versions released or planned for any Staction. The same counts for Variants (uncolored or differently colored parts are results from production errors).

    Will we also be able to buy extra bases to display the action-figures among the stactions?
    Hopefully, yes. The Horsemen are concerned with the sales of the actual 6" statues at this point though. When they do get around to it, extra bases will probably be sold in sets of 3 or more.

    How much do they cost?
    Price for each "staction figure" are around $20.00 each, depending on the stores offering them.

    What are the further plans for this line?
    As far as we have been told, the Four Horsemen want to do the remaining 30+ characters that have yet to be made into figure form, and tackle some MYP characters as well.

    Now, how do I spell that name again??
    There are fans who spell and write it wrong, whether because they've typed it wrong by accident, or read the wrong term somewhere. But fear not, fellow He-Fan, for we are going to help you!
    The correct term is:

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    Which busts and statues have been released so far?
    Skeletor, Clawful, Tri-Klops, Sorceress (= "Wave 1")
    Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn, Ram Man, He-Man, Hordak
    Wave 1 Micro-Busts: Skeletor, Stratos, Tri-Klops
    Wave 2 Micro-Busts: He-Man, Beast Man, Orko
    Wave 3 Micro-Busts: Teela, Man-At-Arms, Mekanek (Convention Exclusive three-pack.)

    Which busts and statues have been announced for release?
    Trap Jaw (November 2006)
    He-Man (Pics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (February 2007)

    It seems at present that the Micro-Bust line will not be continuing. Fans got a glimpse of the following planned products, but whether they ever come to fruition is yet to be seen.
    Wave 4 Micro-Busts: Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, Buzz-Off
    Keldor (originally planned as an Exclusive)

    How many pieces of each bust and statue are produced?
    Each standard Mini-Bust is limited to 2500 pieces. The Artist Proof versions are limited to only 250 pieces!
    The only exception is the He-Man Bust. Its regular version is limited to 3500, the AP version to 350 pieces.

    Each standard Statue usually is limited to 1250 pieces. The Artist Proof versions are limited to only 125 pieces! Because of production errors, the Skeletor AP Statue, was limited to only around 100 pieces, though.

    There has been no info given on the production numbers of the Micro-Busts.

    What's the difference between the regular and "Artist Proof" busts/statues?
    "Artist Proof" means that the Four Horsemen personally took a look over each of these items to secure a perfect product. They also sign the items.
    These AP items have small changes in some cases:

    AP Skeletor Statue: red gem on armor (instead of yellow)
    AP Clawful Statue: metallic green belt buckle (instead of gray & silver)

    AP Mer-Man Mini-Bust: classic style eyes (instead of "cat" eyes)
    AP Evil-Lyn Mini-Bust: green gem on armor (instead of purple)
    AP Ram Man Mini-Bust: copper rivets on armor (instead of silver)
    AP He-Man Mini-Bust: turqoise sword deco (instead of green)

    The AP versions of the other statues don't have any changes.

    Bust Exclusives
    Evil-Lyn Mini-Bust Collectors Club Exclusive:
    This one was available only through the Four Horsemen Collector's Club. It is limited to 500 pieces and colored in blue and yellow (the classic toy colors).
    Hordak Mini-Bust Convention Exclusive:
    This one was available only at the SDCC and Chicago Comic Con. It is limited to 750 pieces.

    What were the "One-of-a-Kind" Statues?
    Six eBay auctions were offered by Mattel in order to benefit Ed Watts and his family. Ed Watts is a former Mattel employee who worked as designer on Hot Wheels and Masters of the Universe products for over 15 years. His contributions to these two product lines, and his artistic influence on Mattel's design staff, are still felt today. Last year Ed was diagnosed with a very serious (type 4) brain tumor, which he is bravely fighting. Ed's friends and former co-workers at Mattel felt compelled to come together to raise funds for the Watts family by creating these one-of-a-kind collectibles. Together, the auctions raised over 14,000.00!
    The He-Man Collector's Statue is slightly under 14" tall without his base. Custom paint design by Mattel Senior Staff Designer Steed Sun as a tribute to his friend and mentor Ed Watts.
    He-Man Statue Front ---He-Man Statue Back
    The Skeletor Collector's Statue has a functioning lava lamp rendition of the acid vial. Custom paint design by Mattel Senior Staff Designer Steed Sun. Base design and figure casting by Hank Miller. Cape desing by Mattel Master Pattern Maker Jean Stocking. Figure by designer Michael Montalvo.
    Skeletor Statue Front ---Skeletor Statue Back
    The eyes of the Mer-Man Collector's Statue light up through a switch on the back of his head. He was created by Designer Ruben Martinez.
    Mer-Man Statue Front ---Mer-Man Statue Back
    The Man-At-Arms Collector's Statue is about the same size as He-Man. Custom paint design by Mattel Senior Designer David Martis.
    Man-At-Arms Statue Front --- Man-At-Arms Statue Back
    The Beast Man Collector's Statue is in between sizes of Skeletor and He-Man. Custom paint design by Mattel Designer Binh Luong.
    Beast Man Statue Front --- Beast Man Statue Back
    The Trap Jaw Collector's Statue is painted in a combination of acrylics, metallic, and oil paints. Custom paint design by Mattel Senior Design Manager, David Wolfram.
    Trap Jaw Statue Front --- Trap Jaw Statue Back
    All bases were designed and casted by Mattel Master Modelmaker, Hank Miller.

    How do I contact NECA?
    By email: (Danielle) (Rene)
    (Please wait at least a day for a reply.)

    Phone: 1-800-969-6322
    (Just go through the menu to get to customer service.)

    My COA is missing a signature
    If you are missing a signature on your COA, contact the 4H at:

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    What was released in the toy line?

    Heroes B1508R Mix:
    - Trap and Smash Orko (new refresh)
    - Man-E-Faces (repaint)
    - Sy-Klone (repaint)
    - Buzz-Off (no difference from previous version)
    - Stealth Armor He-Man (same figure as Shield Strike He-Man, but with new name)
    - Ice Armor He-Man (no difference from previous version)

    Heroes Assortment S:
    - Mekaneck (Repaint)
    - Snake Armor He-Man (no difference from previous version)
    - Snake Hunter He-Man (no difference from previous version)
    - Zodak (no difference from previous version)
    - Roboto (no difference from previous version)
    - Stealth Stratos (same figure as Sky Strike Stratos, but with a new name)

    Villains Assortment:
    - Skeletor (2nd repaint with red hood etc)
    - Ice Armor Skeletor ("Fire Armor" repaint)
    - Snake Crush Skeletor (no difference from previous version)
    - King Hiss (no difference from previous version)
    - Rattlor (no difference from previous version)
    - Kobra Khan (no difference from previous version)

    For more, just go and check out our updated "New Masters of the Universe Toyline" section both for a list as well as tons of pictures!

    What toys have been announced?
    Unfortunately, the 200X MotU toy line has reached an end at present. Fans can only hope that the rumors of a live action film, as yet unconfirmed, will lead to new products. In the mean time, the Four Horsemen and NECA continue releasing busts, statues, and mini-statues.

    Toys Mattel announced at one point, but never produced/released
    Sculptures Shown at SDCC '04:
    Hordak, Stinkor, Sorceress, Clawful, Snout Spout, Tung Lashor, Clamp Champ
    In addition to the above,
    Figures that were sculpted for toys and released as 6" Statues

    *confirmed by JVS3*
    Grizzlor, Snake Face
    There are said to be three other figures sculpted for toys that were never released, none of which were Webstor
    Rumors floated about in '03:
    • Spike Armor Ram Man, Moss Man, Webstor, Redeco Teela, Redeco Evil-Lyn, Wind Raider
    • Mattel once announced possible plans for a new Snake Mountain playset, set to be released in 2004. In the meantime however, Mattel Germany declared that this playset wouldn't get produced, and the playset indeed never saw the light of day.
    • When presented first, the Mutant Slime Pit was supposed to contain a Mutant Warrior AND a repainted standard He-Man figure with sword. That He-Man never got released, but you still can see him on the Slime Pit boxart.
    • Also, months ago, pictures popped up of Mattel sketches for "Multi-Bot" toy. This toy was a robot, whose arms, legs, head and torso seperated to serve as individual weapons. Mattel never commented on this, and thus it remains unsure whether or not this toy really was planned to be the modern Multi-Bot of the new Masters line.
    • A storyboard artist for MYP claimed to have seen a Webstor prototype. This was a rumor, and completely untrue.
    • The Four Horsemen did idea sketches for many unproduced figures, but the sketch stage is as far as they got.

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    The Convention Exclusives:
    14-inch HE-MAN STATUE
    At the SDCC 2001 - the premiere introduction of the new MotU toys - collectors were able to buy a 14-inch HE-MAN STATUE, complete with base and limited to only 500 pieces!
    6-inch HE-MAN REPAINT
    At the SDCC 2002, Mattel sold an exclusive 6-inch HE-MAN REPAINT figure. Only one figure was given to each customer. It was limited to 1,000 pieces, with a sticker on each card telling you what number you got.
    The figure itself featured repainted weapons and additional paint detail to the muscles.
    6-inch KELDOR FIGURE
    At the SDCC 2003 and Chicago Comic Con 2003, fans were able to get one of 5000 exclusive 6-inch KELDOR figures by winning the chance to buy him through a lottery. Keldor was also offered to 500 lucky members who posted in a thread started by Val Staples of who wants the figure, but can't go to the Con!
    Thus, Keldor is limited to 5500 figures in the US, plus an extra amount of roughly 2000 figures that were offered in Germany's TRU stores!
    Over there, German fans got a free Keldor by purchasing € 25,- worth of MotU toys, or had the chance to buy him for the same price. The figure was exactly the same as the US one with all accessoires. But instead of a box, it was offered in a sealed baggy.
    6-inch SHE-RA FIGURE
    At the SDCC 2004 and Chicago Comic Con 2004, fans were able to get an exclusive 6-inch SHE-RA figures. She was also offered through the he-store for US citizens, as well as vor fans overseas.
    It's been rumored that 12,000 She-Ra were produced, making her the most common con exclusive, but still more rare than any figure that went into production for case assortments.

    The ToyFare Exclusives
    FAKER (ToyFare Offer 2002)
    ToyFare magazine #65 included a special offer for an exclusive 2002 Masters of the Universe Faker figure! He was packaged with a repainted Power Sword and has - like the classic one - a sticker on his chest, "revealing" mechanical parts.
    In regards to production numbers, ToyFare representatives have said "it's more than 1000 and less than 10,000."
    Rumors have put the number at 6000.
    SNAKE TEELA (ToyFare Offer 2003)
    ToyFare magazine #77 included a special offer for an exclusive 2002 Masters of the Universe "Snake Teela" figure! The figure is a repaint of the regular Teela and based on her appearance in the cartoon episode #34 "Second Skin".
    Nothing has surfaced on how many were produced.

    Mattel's "Mail-Away" Moss Man Exclusive
    Mattel released an Exclusive MOSS MAN, produced in the tradition of the classic line by flocking the new Beast Man figure! He is limited to 6500 figures. Fans were able to get one by purchase three Masters of the Universe 6" figures at the store price and sending in the original receipt, order form and $5 for shipping until April 30.

    2-Packs and Store Exclusives:
    There exists a He-Man Vs' Skeletor 2-pack. It's been available at TARGET, KB Toys and Canadian Superstores. The 2-pack also includes an exclusive comic, check out the Comics FAQ for more info.
    In 2003, Toys R US, offered Wolf Armor He-Man Vs' Snake Armor Skeletor 2-pack! These two figures haven't been offered on single cards. The 2-pack also features the cartoon-episode "The Courage of Adam" on VHS!
    At K-Mart, the Wave 1 heroes and villains came with an exclusive trading card, created by MV Creations.
    Wal-Mart exclusive Wave 1 figures were available with videos. All heroes were packaged with "Into the Abyss", all villains with "To Save Skeletor".
    In 2003, Wal-Mart also offered Smash Blade He-Man, Teela, Orko, and Mekaneck with a free video of "The Courage of Adam", as well as Spin Blade Skeletor, Tri-Klops, and TrapJaw with a free video of "Dragon's Brood".

    Back to Contents

    The red-carded Zodak
    While Zodak was released only on green Snake Men card in the USA, Europe gets him on regular red card. Reason is simple: The European Mattel branches mix up their waves differently. While the Snake Men toys will arrive in summer, Zodak has been released earlier in cases with other red-carded figures.
    To sum it up: US Zodak = green card ; European Zodak = red card

    Is it true that the Orko released in Europe looks different to the US edition?
    Yup, you're right. "Euro-Orko" has a brighter gown than the US Orko, making him look more like the prototype.

    He-Man with cross symbol on his armor
    Early releases of He-Man featured the classic "Cross" symbol. The other, more common version is the regular "Asterisk" symbol which you can also see in the toon, comic and on other figures like Jungle-Attack He-Man. Thus, the "cross symbol" He-Man is a variant.

    Variants of the figures released with the Battle Tank and Battle Ram Chariot:
    He-Man from Battle Tank: Available as "cross armor", or "asterisk armor" version.
    Skeletor from Battle Ram Chariot: Armor all-purple, no button-activated action-feature, available both with "yellow face" or "black-washed".

    Variants of the Battle Sound figures:
    Battle Sound He-Man comes in 4 varieties:
    Two feature the voice of John Erwin (original He-Man) -soundalike and sport both gold and silver armor.
    The other two feature the voice of (2002 He-Man) Cam Clark -soundalike and are also available in gold and silver.
    The gold Battle Sound figures are packaged with a video of the original series episode "Dragon Invasion" while the silvers are packaged with "The Diamond Ray of Disappearance".

    Battle Sound Skeletor is available both with "yellow", and "black wash paint" skull.
    All of them come with "The Problem with Power" and feature the voice of Alan Oppenheimer (original Skeletor).

    The "Dragon Walker He-Man" Variant:
    Despite the regular version, European fans can also get a Dragon Walker, whose He-Man figure is significantly different: On its left arm and leg, it has black tattoos! This version ain't much rarer than the regular one, though.

    The Teela Variant:
    That figure's headband is painted golden instead of red like her hair.
    Teela is no Chase figures, but a running production change!

    What are the Chase figures?
    The Chase figures basically feature slight repaints and are very short-packed in the assortments and created for collectors to hunt for something more special than an average figure. Mattel produced one Chase figure for each wave of Heroes and Villains. They were only available in the US.
    Available are (all confirmed by Mattel):

    Chase He-Man (Wave 1 Heroes): Colors on the chest emblem plate are reversed. The * is gold and the background is red. Again, reversed from the original figure's colors.
    He is limited to 3,000 figures.

    Chase Skeletor (Wave 1 Villains): Rivets on armor are silver and the bone emblem on the chest is bronze. These colors are reversed from the original figure.
    He is limited to 2,000 figures.

    Chase Mekaneck (Wave 2 Heroes): Clear (transparent) goggles instead of green, red knee guards instead of silver ones, and the triangle on his belt is painted green.
    He is limited to 1,000 figures. (Do to the recent increased finds of this figure, it is likely that more than 1,000 were produced.)

    Chase Orko (Wave 3 Heroes): Silver wand and medaillion are painted silver instead of golden. The Rocket launcher is orange instead of blue, its orb blue instead of orange. Limited to less than 5,000.

    Chase Trap Jaw (Wave 2 Villains): Green parts of the figure are colored bright green instead of dark. The skull on his belt ain't colored, but has the same green tone as the belt. Limited to less than 5,000.

    Chase Whiplash (Wave 3 Villains): Black wristbands and loincloth, a silver belt buckle, different colored green bands on the chest, and a different color scheme on the weapon.

    Chase Man-E-Faces (Wave 5 Heroes): Classic color paint on figure, weapon colored differently.

    Chase Buzz-Off (Wave 5 Heroes): Yellow belt and painted grin.

    Chase Battle Fist (Wave 1 Snake Men Heroes): painted with traditional figure colors. He's inserted into Snake Men heroes case 508. so keep your eyes peeled! And beware of eBay, because as more and more of these figures become available, prices will drop. Don't fall for any hype about Battle Fist being an ultra rare chase!

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    " … or the one … "

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    I refer to this fan Q&A with Ian Richter a lot so wanted to add it to the FAQ thread:

    Ian Richter's answers to fan question revealed!
    MOTUC Most Wanted: Kayo, Vizar, Hoove, Lizorr

    UK MOTU Fan Club Members - Add You Member Name to this Thread

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    Important Cartoon related Links
    Cartoon Network (USA) He-Man Site
    YTV (Canada) He-Man Site
    Dean Stefan Q&A Part 1 & 2
    Dean Stefan Q&A Part 3
    Larry DiTillio about "Separation" episode

    Season One Episode Guide

    01. The Beginning Part 1 Written by Dean Stefan
    Keldor attacks the Hall of Wisdom and Captain Randor heads forces to stop him. Years later Skeletor emerges to attack Eternia.

    02. The Beginning Part 2 Written by Dean Stefan
    Prince Adam must visit Castle Grayskull and seek the Sorceress' help to save his captured father.

    03. The Beginning Part 3 Written by Dean Stefan
    He-Man emerges to protect Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor.

    04. The Courage of Adam Written by Dean Stefan
    Prince Adam realizes that as long as evil exists on Eternia, he will be called to defend his home as He-Man.

    05. Skywar Written by Michael Reaves
    Skeletor secretly investigates a war between two peaceful Eternian races in a plot to defeat He-man.

    06. The Deep End Written by Brooks Wachtel
    He-Man must save Man-At-Arms from the belly of a sea beast threatening Castle Grayskull.

    07. Lessons Written by Larry DiTillio
    When Skeletor acquires the Ram Stone, Orko must save the day.

    08. The Siren's Song Written by William Cluverius
    Ram-Man is hypnotized by a beautiful Siren who plots to destroy the Masters.

    09. The Ties That Bind Written by Dean Stefan
    Teela becomes curious about her past when she develops temporary telepathic powers.

    10. Dragon's Brood Written by Mark and Michael Edens
    Massive fire-breathing dragons threaten Eternia and Castle Grayskull.

    11. Turnabout Written by Len Uhley
    Skeletor is punished by a magical belt that prevents him from being evil.

    12. Mekaneck's Lament Written Erik & Lara Runnels
    While trying to acquire better powers, Mekanek unwittingly sets a dangerous villain free.

    13. Night of the Shadow Beasts Written by Michael Reaves
    Skeletor unleashes fierce nocturnal creatures to destroy Castle Grayskull.

    14. Underworld Written by Steve Melching
    In Subternia, He-Man and King Randor must prevent Skeletor from attacking Castle Grayskull from below.

    15. The Mystery of Anwat Gar Written by Kevin D. Campbell
    He-Man and Man-At-Arms journey to a mysterious island to prevent Skeletor from getting his hands on powerful ancient stones.

    16. The Monster Within Written by Larry DiTillio
    He-Man and Man-E-Faces battle dangerous bounty hunters in the Tar Swamp.

    17. Roboto's Gambit Written by Michael Reaves
    A simple chess-playing robot helps the Masters battle an evil army of skeletons.

    18. Trust Written by William Cluverius
    Stratos must form an uneasy alliance with Trap-Jaw to survive the perilous Ice Mountains.

    19. Orko's Garden Written by Len Uhley
    Orko unwittingly helps the villainous plant-like Evilseed take all of the Masters hostage.

    20. Buzz-Off's Pride Written by Christy Marx and Randall Littlejohn
    Buzz-Off must battle vicious giants in order to defend both a peaceful village and his pride.

    21. Snake Pit Written by Steve Melching
    The Masters enlist the help of the mysterious Zodac to prevent the Snake Men from escaping their ancient prison.

    22. The Island Written by Dean Stefan
    While visiting his mentor on a remote island, Man-At-Arms is captured by evil crab-like creatures.

    23. The Sweet Smell of Victory Written by Kevin D. Campbell
    When a low-level crook tries to join Skeletor, an accident mutates him into a new super-villain intent on destroying the Masters.

    24. Separation Written by Larry DiTillio
    He-Man must return three mystical objects to the far corners of Eternia to prevent the destruction of the entire planet.

    25. Council of Evil, Part 1 Written by Dean Stefan
    The members of Skeletor's newly formed Council of Evil are capturing the Masters one by one.

    26. Council of Evil, Part 2 Written by Dean Stefan
    It's up to Adam to stop the forces of evil that plague Eternia without his Power Sword.

    Season Two Episode Guide

    27. The Last Stand Written by Dean Stefan
    He-Man has to battle Skeletor, the Council of Evil, and the Evil Warriors to protect Castle Grayskull.

    28. To Walk With Dragons Written by Dean Stefan
    The Masters of the Universe must thwart Skeletor's attacking serpinataurs with the help of some very special dragons.

    29. Out of the Past Written by Dean Stefan
    Teela is drawn to a small village where she gets further clues about her past.

    30. Rise of the Snakemen, Part 1 Written by Steve Melching
    The Masters of the Universe have to battle Skeletor's forces while trying to prevent the dreaded Snake Men from getting free from their ancient prison.

    31. Rise of the Snakemen, Part 2 Written by Steve Melching
    Zodak joins forces with the Masters of the Universe to prevent the freed Snake Men from taking over Eternia.

    32. The Price of Deceit Written by Larry DiTillio
    Skeletor seeks to punish Evil-Lyn for betraying him.

    33. Of Machines and Men Written by Michael Halperin
    A mysterious force disables all technological power in Eternia.

    34. Second Skin Written by Steve Melching
    It's up to the Masters fo the Universe to stop King Hiss from using a devastatingly powerful ancient artifact.

    35. The Power of Grayskull Written by Dean Stefan
    The Sorceress tells Prince Adam of the great history behind the power of Grayskull.

    36. Web of Evil Written by Kevin D. Campbell
    Webstor builds a spider army that threatens to take over Eternia.

    37. Rattle of the Snake Written by Steve Melching
    The Masters of the Universe track King Hiss through Subternia to a long-lost Snake Temple, which holds the key to releasing a terrible power.

    38. History Written by Larry DiTillio
    He-Man tries to stop King Hiss from reaching the Well of Darkness, unaware that Evil-Lyn is planning something catastrophic.

    39. Awaken the Serpent Written by Dean Stefan
    King Hiss uses the Medallion of Serpos to release the ancient snake god.

    Voice Cast
    Cam Clarke --- He-Man, Prince Adam, King Grayskull

    Mark Acheson --- Fisto, Chadaz (Giant #3), Avion Warrior

    Kathleen Baar --- Evil Lyn, Female Elder, Hawk, Circe, Quadian Mother, The (Andrenos) Queen, Village Kid

    Lisa Ann Beley --- Teela, Quadian Woman, Quadian Cat-Child

    Jay Brazeau --- Vormus

    Don Brown --- Evilseed

    Gary Chalk --- Man-At-Arms, Whiplash, Stingrad, Caligar Warrior, Guard #2, Peleezean Miner

    Brian Dobson --- Skeletor, Keldor, Buzz-Off, Ceratus, King Hiss, Webstor, Shop Keeper, Royal Guard, Sssqueeze

    Paul Dobson --- Trap Jaw, Tri Klops, Man-E-Faces, Carnivus, Claw Guy #1, Snake Face, Wizard #3

    Michael Donovan --- King Randor, Captain Miro, Count Marzo, Hornet Warrior (Bumblor), Roboto, Hordak (season 1 laugh), Tung Lashor, Caugar

    Brian Drummond --- Tuvar (of Two-Bad), Belzar (Giant #2), Odiphys, Stinkor, Claw Guy #2, Unilope Shepherd

    Mark Gibbon --- Baddhra (of Two-Bad), Caligar Guard #1

    David A. Jaye --- Prince Adam (age 11)

    Christopher Judge --- Zodak, Zeelahr

    Gabe Khouth --- Orko, Mekaneck, Oracle, Wizard #2

    Campbell Lane --- Elder Kulatak

    Blu Mankuma --- Dekker

    Scott McNeil --- Stratos, Merman, Ram Man, Clawful, Beastman, Spelean Warrior, Kobra Khan, Calix

    Colin Murdock --- Hordak, Wizard #1

    Richard Newman --- Faceless One, Lord Dactys, General Rattlor, Azdar (Giant #1), Guard #1, Old Guy

    Nicole Oliver --- Sorceress, Queen Marlena, Veena

    John Payne --- Sy-Klone, Mossman

    French Tickner --- Sortech

    Cartoon Talkback Threads
    Special Note: Talkback threads will not be available forever. As the software does its cleanup, older threads get deleted. So, some links may become inactive.

    Various Cartoon related Questions

    Q. Where is She-Ra?
    A. She-Ra is one of the most asked about characters. It was rumored that she was supposed to get introduced during the never-produced Season 3. Till the end, Mattel kept a tight lip on their plans for the Princess of Power.

    Q. Why did they give He-Man a new permanent costume in Season Two?
    A. To fight King Hiss and his Snake Men.

    [b]Q. Where can I download episodes of the new cartoon?[b]
    A. Information, links, postings, et cetera about downloading episodes are not permitted on this forum. Downloading of episodes violates international copyright laws.

    Q. Will the new series be coming out on VHS or DVD?
    A. Mattel packed VHS tapes already on figures. "The Courage of Adam," "Dragon's Brood," and "The World of He-Man" have already been packed on action figures at Wal-Mart in VHS format. In Germany, The first half of Season One was released both on VHS and DVD. Finland and the United Kingdom also lucked out with various DVD releases, but no where has the complete series been made available. Despite interest from BCI Eclipse, who are currently releasing the classic MotU, PoP, and NA DVD sets, Mattel has yet been unwilling to loosen their grip on the new show enough to have it released to DVD in its entirety.

    Q. What is "The World of He-Man"?
    A. This was a promotional video that was being attached to He-Man action figures. He-Man narrates the video as he takes you on a tour of Eternia and introduces all of the major characters.

    Q. How can I tell which Giant is which in ep.20?
    A. Azdar is blue/purple, Belzar is tan/green, and Chadaz is red.

    Q. Did Stratos really sound like Sean Connery in the new show?
    A. Do not worry, you are not the only one to think this. However, Sean is not the one providing Stratos' voice.

    Cartoon in DVD Releases

    BCI DVD releases [2008]
    [2 exclusive art cards by Emiliano with Vol1 disc #1 replacements sent by BCI]

    Volume 1

    • TARGET EXCLUSIVE: "The Beginning" DVD (First three episodes made into a movie).
    • BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE: Slipcase with spine art that matches up to the mural that is made up from the Filmation DVDs. There is space to fit Vol 2 and Vol 3 in the Slipcase.

    Volume 2

    Exclusive item: 3 art cards that are 5x6 and printed on a foilboard.
    They utilize promotional images created for the MYP cartoon:
    - He-Man and Battle Cat with Skeletor in the background
    - Heroes group shot in front of Grayskull
    - Villains group shot in front of Snake Mountain


    Exclusive item: 5x7 Lithograph featuring the V2 cover with a slightly reworked composition and no title or volume info.
    It's printed with a brand-new technique - a holographic spot varnish.
    It features Emiliano's sketches of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn printed on the back.

    Volume 3
    • TARGET EXCLUSIVE: He-Man rubber keychain
    • BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE: printed comic of episode 40
    • SDCC 2008 EXCLUSIVE: King Grayskull cover with Hordak on the back (instead of Zodak) and Zodak on spine (instead of SnakeArmor He-Man).

    Complete Series
    • SAM's CLUB Exclusive

    Contains all 3 individual volumes in a card slipcase. Has the group shot on the cover and Skeletor on the spine.


    Contains all 3 individual volumes PLUS a fourth volume called "Exclusive Items" all housed in a card slipcase. Has He-Man & Skeletor on cover.
    Exclusive Items" contains:
    - 4 foil cards
    - Printed comic book of episode 40
    - Skeletor rubber keychain

    MILL CREEK Re-Releases [2009-2010]

    Complete Series
    Contains all episode on 4 discs house in a plastic case. Has the group shot on the cover.

    Contains the first 10 episodes.

    Battle for Eternia
    Contains ten episodes:

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    Which comics did MV Creations release?

    Masters of the Universe (Vol. I, mini-series)
    - Issues 1 - 4
    - "The Shard of Darkness" Tradepaperback (collects all 4 issues)

    Masters of the Universe (Vol. II, mini-series)
    - Issues 1 - 6
    - "Dark Reflections" Tradepaperback (collects all 6 issues)

    Masters of the Universe - The Icons of Evil (one-shot mini-series)
    - "Beast Man"
    - "Mer-Man"
    - "Trap Jaw"
    - "Tri-Klops"
    - "The Icons of Evil" Tradepaperbackl (collects all 4 one-shots)

    "He-Man and the Rise of the Snake Men" (mini-series)
    Issues 1 - 3

    Masters of the Universe Halloween Specials
    - Dream Halloween 2002
    - "The Power of Fear" Dream Halloween 2003

    Masters of the Universe Season 1 Encyclopedia
    - Issue 1 (was supposed to be 5-part mini-series, see "Various Comic Questions" for details)

    Masters of the Universe (Vol. III, ongoing series)
    - Issues 1 - 8 (ended with #8)

    Special Comics
    MVCreatiosn released a bunch of special comics. Here are the most significant ones:

    The Promo Comic
    At the Comic Cons in San Diego and Chicago in 2002, MV Creations sold copies of a Promo Comic. It contained pin-up art and four comic pages (all B/W & only shown in the Promo so far).

    The Preview Comic
    There also exists a Retailer Preview, containing the first fives pages of #1 (Vol. I).
    Dynamic Forces, offered a free copy of the regular comic if you ordered its "DF Exclusive White Variant" for the price of $10.
    Jimmy Jay Company also released a special Museum Edition of the Preview Comic, limited to only 25 copies!

    The "TARGET 2-Pack" Comic
    That comic contains an entirely new story, introducing He-Man to new, young readers. Val Staples wrote and colored part of it, Jason Keith (recent Eisner Award nominee for coloring) helped out as well on colors. Emiliano Santalucia and Enza Fontana did the art, Marco inked it, and Neal Adams created the cover.
    It was only available in the Exclusive Target 2-pack.

    The "He-Man GBA game" Comic
    You can find a small-sized comic in the game's box, giving a small introduction to the game itself. It was not made available anywhere else.
    The comic was written and lettered by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Emiliano Santalucia, and colored by Val Staples.

    The "Dream Halloween 2002" Comic
    In October 2002, MV Creations donated a small-sized Dream Halloween Exclusive Comic with original story and art for Dream Halloween 2002, an event held by CAAF for children born with HIV. With beautiful art by Enza Fontana and an original story by Val Staples, they hope they brightened the day for a few lucky kids out there. It was a project that meant a great deal to all of them.
    The comic was never for sale, and is not available to order. BUT it got reprinted inside the "Dream Halloween 2003" comic.

    Where can I find a cover gallery?
    Looking for a certain cover, variant, or back cover artwork? Check out MVC's MotU Cover Gallery!

    Comic Talkback Archives
    Note: Talkback threads will not be available forever. As the software does its cleanup, older threads get deleted. So, some links may become inactive.

    Volume I ("Shard of Darkness" 4-parter)
    #1 (Vol.I) Talkback
    #2 (Vol.I) Talkback
    #3 (Vol.I) Talkback
    #4 (Vol.I) Talkback

    Volume II (6-part storyarc)
    #1 (Vol.II) Talkback

    #2 (Vol.II) Talkback
    #3 (Vol.II) Talkback
    #4 (Vol.II) Talkback
    #5 (Vol.II) Talkback
    #6 (Vol.II) Talkback

    Volume III (ongoing series)
    #1 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #2 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #3 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #4 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #5 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #6 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #7 (Vol.III) Talkback
    #8 (Vol.III) Talkback

    Icons of Evil
    "Icons of Evil: Beast Man" Talkback
    "Icons of Evil: Mer-Man" Talkback
    "Icons of Evil: Trapjaw" Talkback
    "Icons of Evil: Tri-Klops" Talkback

    He-Man and the Rise of the Snake Men
    "Rise of the Snake Men" #1 (of 3) Talkback
    "Rise of the Snake Men" #2 (of 3) Talkback
    "Rise of the Snake Men" #3 (of 3) Talkback

    Masters of the Universe Encyclopedia
    "MotU Season One Encyclopedia" #1 (of 5) Talkback

    Various Comics related questions

    Q: Where can I learn more about the comic's overall story-arc, it's plans and characters?
    The makers of the comic have revealed many tidbits over the years about certain characters used in the comic, story-arcs that were planned and histories they had internally planned more or less. This information is gathered in a thread with Collected info about the Comic where you can also ask questions and if lucky, get an answer.

    Q: Whatever happened to issues #2 - #5 of the Season 1 Encyclopedia?
    A: Sadly, the Encyclopedia got cancelled due to legal issues right after #1 was released. MVC however want to use the artwork somewhere else, and plan to "release" the remaining 4 issues at, along with more in-depth bios.

    Q: What's that talk about the original first story that was planned for Volume 3?
    A: Due to unforseen legal issues raised by Mattel at the last moment, MVCreations had to scrap 6 issues worth of story and 2 issues of art at the very last minute for Volume 3. This is also the reason why classic characters were not revamped for Volume 3 as originally planned.

    Q: Did MVCreations have plans for a "Prequel" mini-series?
    A: Yes, a Prequel series was in development for early release in 2004.
    But MVCreations was forced to put the mini-series on hold, due to legal complications that arose long after the mini-series went into production. The mini was written by Marv Wolfman, with Andie Tong originally attached as the artist.

    Q: Who's that blue woman and her cat from the original cover of #4?
    She was a totally new character, created for the original storyline that Mattel didn't allow MVC to do. Sadly, since MVC ain't allowed to introduce new characters (except for generic ones like Royal Guards etc), neither the "Cat Lady" nor it's beastly companion didn't ever appear in the comic issues.

    Q: Will there be any more trades of the MOTU comic?
    Mattel will no longer allow trades reprinting material to be published.
    MV had plans for a Volume 3 trade to reprint what has been done thus far, but unless Mattel changes their mind, it will never be made.
    Trades were made that reprinted Volume 1, Volume 2, and the Icons of Evil one-shot series.
    The individual issues of Rise of the Snake Men, Volume 3, the first issue of the Encyclopedia, and both Dream Halloween comics will be the only formats in which you can get those stories.

    Q: What's this I hear about another two-pack comic?
    Mattel had planned another two-pack gift set, similar to the ones sold at Target and Toys'r'Us with the regular He-Man and Skeletor, and Wolf-Armor He-Man and Snake-Armor Skeletor, respectively. This two-pack would've included the Smash and Spin Blade varieties of the big two, along with a comic from MV Creations. This comic was commissioned and produced, but has, to date, never been printed. Read more in this thread.

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    The amount of merchandise and promotional products created for the 200X MotU line was wide and varied, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Bedsheets, candy, games, puzzles, stickerbooks, and more were produced. We will continue updating this section with as much info as we can.

    The Burger King Kid's Club MotUs:
    In Germany, the UK and other countries, fans could get figures of He-Man, Skeletor and Battle Cat at their local Burger King!

    The McDonald's MotU Happy Meals:
    The Masters of the Universe Happy Meal toys from McDonald's were officially available from May 2nd through May 29th 2003!
    Commercials were airing that supported the offer, and some of the toys found their way onto auction sites.
    He-Man, Battle Cat, Skeletor, Panthor, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man, Ram Man & Orko

    MotU Hot Wheels/Matchbox:
    Hotwheels He-Man car Ram Man #91 (1 of 4)
    Hotwheels He-Man car He-Man #92 (2 of 4)
    Hotwheels He-Man car Man-At-Arms #93 (2 of 4)
    Hotwheels He-Man car Skeletor #94 (4 of 4)
    Matchbox collector series He-Man (with tiny poster)
    Matchbox collector series Skeletor (with tiny poster)
    Matchbox collector series Man-At-Arms (with tiny poster)
    Matchbox collector series Stratos (with tiny poster)
    Hotwheels Monster Jam He-Man car
    Hotwheels Monster Jam He-Man car with REV & GO feature
    Hotwheels 2-Pack with Snake Armor He-Man & King Hsss cars

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    What!? Where does that come from?
    On October 4, 2004, Variety reported that "Fox 2000 has set John Woo (Paycheck) to direct and produce He-Man, a live-action film based on the characters in Mattel's 'Masters of the Universe' line of action figures. Adam Rifkin will adapt the screenplay."

    The current status is that the movie has just been announced there, without a release date or at least a budget determined yet. Neither Fox, nor Mattel has confirmed this project.

    Who's supposed to direct and act in it?
    CREWStudio: Fox 2000, Lion Rock Productions
    Director: John Woo
    Producers: John Woo and Terence Chang
    Screenplay: Adam Rifkin

    "Ain't It Cool News" reported on December 23, 2004:
    "Looking at for He-Man: The Rock (believed to have already met), Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Ryan Kwanten (Summerland), Paul Michael Levesque
    No word on Skeletor, but those rumors about Nicolas Cage were false apparently."

    Any links I can check concerning all this?,...,00.html?tnews

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    Are these comic book covers or just poster art?

    If these are comic books why are the titles on these printed so small and either on the top corner or bottom corner? Are these back covers?

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    i love it man very good work ,
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    Yes those are all variant covers...
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    Plains of Perpetua
    1) Volume 3, Issue 7 Variantcover
    2) Volume 3, Issue 6 Variantcover
    3) Volume 3, Issue 2 Variantcover
    4) Volume 3, Issue 3 Variantcover
    5) Volume 1 Previewcomic (contains first 5 pages of Volume 1, Issue 1)
    6) Volume 3, Issue 1 Variantcover
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    Could someone tell me how many MOTU Mini-Comic books there are? I'm talking about the 2000s only!

    Plus, where can I find a large scan of the cover of the comic book that was sold exclusively with the action figures at TARGET?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankovic-Gretzky View Post
    Could someone tell me how many MOTU Mini-Comic books there are? I'm talking about the 2000s only!

    Plus, where can I find a large scan of the cover of the comic book that was sold exclusively with the action figures at TARGET?
    There were no mini comics for the 2000 line.
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