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Thread: netta= netossa??

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    netta= netossa??

    hi there i was just looking at another thread on the masters of the universe where there where talking about prototypes and fan contest characters and back them when there where the final ones the was a character call netta and its a female warrior that turns into a net !

    just wondering if mattel got this idea from a child to make netossa
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    I have always believed this to be the case, much as Eye Beam = Optikk from the NA.

    Likewise, shortly before Snout Spout appeared on the market, a German magazine ran a create-a-character contest, one of the winners of which was a warrior with a human body and an elephant head. And a gentleman e-mailed me a while back claiming that he created the character of Mosquitor as part of the same create-a-character contest that Fearless Photog won. His character was not one of the winning entries yet shortly afterwards he saw his character on the shelves. He told me his Dad attempted to take legal action against Mattel but was unable to.

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    Stories like this always leave me a little dubious ( I had a friend in H.S. that claimed Nintendo ripped off most of Super Metroid from a proposal he sent in..)

    HOWEVER, given that at least the final phase of the contest was left up to a phone-in vote, it's certainly VERY plausible that while Phearless Photog may have won, Mattel may well have considered many of the other designs to actually be more marketable, and hence PP never saw a figure, and some of the others quietly did.

    OTOH from the "There's only 6 stories in the world" stand point, it's just as likely that Mattel independently came up with similar ideas to some contest entries/unsolicited submissions.

    I mean how many different ways CAN you dress up a barbarian in fuzzy underwear?....

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    Not only does it apply nicely to Masters, but is probably a deep truth.

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