Looking for those hard to find easter eggs?
It's a lot of fun when you discover them on your own.

But are you having no luck?
Or think you've exhausted all your options?
Well, here's the guide straight from Left Coast Digital and BCI on how to locate all the easter eggs in the MOTU DVD releases thus far.

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MOTU Best of

Disc 1:
On the Main Menu,
Highlight/underline "Special Features", and press Up, Up, Up.
When the Sorceress appears, click her to see a vintage commercial!

Disc 2:
On the Main Menu,
Highlight/underline "Play All", and press Up, Right, Up, Right.
Click to see another vintage commercial!

Christmas Special

1: Snowy FBI warning (NTSC only)
Insert disc, press PLAY, then hold the UP button.
This must be done before the FBI warning appears.
You'll see a special snow-covered warning!

2: Dancing Orko & Kowl
(Must first invoke Snowy FBI warning)
After initial main menu loop, let menu timeout once more, this will activate an endless loop of the easter egg which can be stopped by any button.
Also, when returning to the main menu from any other page, let menu timeout once.

3: Castle Christmas Lights
Wait for audio to loop on the main menu.
When 'PLAY' is highlighted, press UP on the remote so the star is highlighted.
Then press ENTER on the remote to activate Christmas lights.
Select the star once more to remove the lights!


Disc 1 ("the easy one")
Access the show from the play all button on the main menu.
After the very last episode, during the final filmation logo, press the menu key to get to the alternate menu.

Disc 3 ("the challenging one")
After pressing play all from the main menu, a 2 second he-man transition plays.
Press either left, right, up or down once then press enter.
This will give you the opening credits in reverse.

Disc 5 ("the oh my god, what were they thinking, its friggin impossible to find one")
Once the music on the main menu has started its third loop, takes about 3 minutes, highlight the setting button and press right, down, down, up.
A big skeletor head should appear.
Hit enter to play his insults.
On a computer, we believe hovering with the cursor over the upper left of the screen once the third loop starts will also do it.


Disc 1
Orko's Spells Montage
On the its not my fault chapter page, press left from the first chapter "taking the blame."
The “o” on Orko’s chest will highlight, press enter.

Disc 3
Art Card Slideshow
Press enter during the title slate of the first episode.

Disc 5
Sing a long:
From the play all button on the menu loop press “down, up, up” or “right, up, up”


Disc 1
After the last episode in play all is finished, "cats got your toungue" plays

Disc 3
Go to the chapter page for Into the Abyss.
Press right from the moral/credits button and then press enter on orkos chest

Disc 5
Press enter when the first vehicle apears, at aprox 4 mins into the first episode


Disc 1:
Once the main menu loops, press up twice from the episodes button to reveal skeletors face.
Press enter for more skeletors insults.

Disc 3:
Press enter during hemans transformation during the intro credits of the first episode on the disc to unlock "transformation interupts"

Disc 5:
After the last episode in play all is finished, it jumps to a slideshow.