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    The New Force Captain

    Swift Wind/Spirit
    Sea Hawk
    King Randor
    Queen Marlena
    Madam Razz
    Shadow Weaver
    Horde Troopers

    At the Fright Zone, Hordak, with Imp by his side, is speaking with Shadow Weaver and Mantenna.

    Hordak: At last, I have come up with the perfect plan to get payback on Ex-Force Captain Adora for her betrayal!

    Shadow Weaver: What will you do, Hordak?

    Hordak: Our newest Horde recruit will be from the same family I stole Adora from back on Eternia.

    Mantenna: But Hordak, King Randor would never serve the Horde!

    Hordak: No, you fool! I am not talking about King Randor, you bug eyed bufoon!

    Hordak pushes a button, sending Mantenna down the trapdoor.


    Imp: What an idiot!

    Hordak: If we can't have Princess Adora back, then we'll have her brother, Prince Adam! You see, Weaver, your spells kept Adora in our ranks for so many years, I'm sure they'll work on Prince Adam!

    Shadow Weaver: But Hordak, if we capture an Eternian, He-Man is sure to come to Etheria to save him. He was responsible for Adora's betrayal.

    Hordak: If He-Man interferes this time, I will take care of him one way or another, even if I have to make a temporary truce with his worst enemy, that traitorous scoundrel Skeletor!

    Shadow Weaver: Perhaps that will work. But how will you get Adam here?

    Hordak: Not to worry, Catra is on Eternia now with several troopers to abduct the Prince. And after he is under our command, the rebels will be our captives! Hahahahahahaha!

    Meanwhile, inside the Palace on Eternia...

    King Randor: We would be lost without He-Man. Skeletor came so close to taking over the palace yesterday.

    Queen Marlena: I don't understand why Skeletor doesn't just give up and leave Eternia.

    Teela walks in

    Teela: King, Queen, several Horde Troopers have been spotted near the palace with Horde Force Captain Catra.

    King Randor: Great. First Skeletor, and now, the Horde. Teela, assemble the royal guard.

    Teela: Yes sir.

    Teela's forces go after Catra and the troopers. All of them, including Teela, are knocked out. The Horde members then disguise themselves as Teela and the royal guard, then proceed inside. Adam walks into the throne room.

    Adam: What happened?

    King Randor: The Horde is what happened. Catra and several Horde Troopers were spotted outside.

    Catra, in the disguise of Teela, walks in.

    Catra: We've taken care of the Horde. We sent them back to Etheria.

    Queen Marlena: Good job.

    Catra: I'd say. Royal guard, or should I say TROOPERS, NOW!

    The troopers stun the King, Queen, and Prince, knocking them unconcious. They grab Adam then take off through a portal outside.

    Back at the Fright Zone, Adam wakes up, not remembering anything.

    Hordak: Greetings, Adam.

    Adam: Hi. What's going on here?

    Hordak: She-Ra, the most evil being in the universe, knocked you out. You were in a brave fight against her, but then, she stooped to her lowest by knocking you out with her sword.

    Adam: So that's why I don't remember anything.

    Hordak: My name is Hordak, leader of the Horde. We fight evil all over the universe. She-Ra leads a group called the Rebellion, a group of people who are trying to pull any evil deed to take over Etheria and overthrow us. We are trying to make this universe a better place.

    Adam: This She-Ra will pay for what she's done to me.

    Meanwhile, at the Whispering Woods, Adora is talking to Bow and Glimmer, Kowl is also present.

    Bow: I've gotten all of the supplies we need.

    Glimmer: This is enough to last a whole month. Good going, Bow.

    Adora: The Horde hasn't been around to stop us from getting supplies. Just to invade, but that's it.

    Kowl: Maddam's coming, look out!

    Maddam is flying through the woods, her and Broom crash into a tree.

    Adora: Maddam, are you alright?

    Maddam: Yes. The Horde has done something terrible, I can't remember what it is...

    Broom: The new Force Captain.

    Maddam: Oh yes, the new Horde Force Captain. Catra has turned her status over as Force Captain to the newest member of the Horde.

    Bow: Who is this new member?

    Maddam: I'm afraid it's someone we're friends with. Adora, your brother has your old position.

    Adora: Adam? How?

    Maddam: Catra was sent to Eternia with some Horde Troopers, and they have captured Adam. And his memory seems to have been wiped. They told him that She-Ra was responsible for his memory loss. Catra turned over her position of Force Captain to him. The Horde is on their way here.

    Glimmer: Oh my. Adam and his friends from Eternia have been of great help to the Rebellion against the Horde. I can't believe they have gotten into his head.

    Adora: Bow, Glimmer, wait right here. I'm going to get She-Ra.

    Adora and Spirit take off. They transform, but then come back to find that the Horde has Maddam, Broom, Glimmer and Bow trapped in cages.

    Leech: Force Captain, there's She-Ra, the one who wiped out your memory.

    Adam: She-Ra, surrender yourself and accept punishment for what you've done to me, or your friends are going to Beast Island.

    She-Ra: Adam, they've lied to you. This is the same thing they did to your sister for so many years.

    Adam: You're the liar, She-Ra. Your friends are going to pay for what you've done to me. Troopers, take care of her while we get these prisoners ready for transportation to Beast Island.

    The troopers go after her, keeping her occupied long enough for Adam and the rest of the Horde to take the rebels away.

    She-Ra: Great, they've gotten away. And they have Adam brainwashed.

    Suddenly, a portal opens. Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Orko come through.

    Teela: Hello, She-Ra.

    She-Ra: I had a feeling the King would be sending some reinforcements here.

    Man-At-Arms: What have they done with Adam? Slave? Prisoner?

    She-Ra: I'm afraid it's worse than that. Remember when Hordak stole Adora when she was a baby?

    Teela: I've heard the story.

    Man-At-Arms: Teela, Orko, this is not good. From what She-Ra is saying, it sounds like Adam has been brainwashed into serving the Horde.

    Orko: Oh no...(Orko then whispers to She-Ra and Man-At-Arms) That means..oh no...He-Man is with the Horde!

    She-Ra: I am afraid so. Adam, Leech, and several troopers have taken Bow, Maddam Razz, Broom, and Glimmer to Beast Island. Let's get to the docks, the Sea Hawk can get us all there.

    Meanwhile, on Beast Island, Bow, Glimmer, Broom, and Maddam are placed in an escape proof cell. Scorpia is guarding the prison. Adam walks in.

    Adam: I would assume that our rogue prisoners aren't enjoying themselves.

    Scorpia: It's just too bad we couldn't get your traitorous sister, Adora.

    Adam: Hordak told me about that. My sister once served the Horde in my current position, but she then betrayed you guys and went with the rebellion.

    Scorpia: We're going to get her eventually. But hopefully, She-Ra will come.

    Adam: Adora just might be on her way with She-Ra.

    Scorpia: That would make a great catch.

    Bow: Adam, can't you see what's going on? The Horde has you under their control, just as they did with your sister.

    Adam: If anyone has a spell on my sister, it's She-Ra and the rest of your army.

    Glimmer: Adam, this is all a trick to destroy everything good on Etheria and your planet, Eternia.

    Adam: What's with this Eternia? You rebels make this all up.

    Meanwhile, on Sea Hawk's ship...

    Sea Hawk: Prince Adam was the last person I expected to ever serve the Horde!

    Teela: When Catra came to Eternia and captured him, it has caused an uproar, and now, King Randor wants to send Hordak to a slave mine of his own.

    Man-At-Arms: Imprisoning Hordak would never be easy.

    Sea Hawk: Duncan is right. He always finds a way out.

    She-Ra: I just can't help but remember all the times that Adam would come through for the rebellion when we needed him. I am hoping that we can bring him around.

    Orko: I've known Adam for a long time, hopefully, his heart will win out.

    Meanwhile, on Beast Island, Hordak is in a control room with Adam, Scorpia, and Leech.

    Hordak: It appears the Sea Hawk is on his way here. One more prisoner for Beast Island.

    Adam: Who is this Sea Hawk?

    Scorpia: Sea Hawk is a pirate. He has stolen many things from the Horde and given them to the rebels.

    Adam: I'll assemble some troopers. Leech, you come with me. Scorpia, you check on the rebel prisoners. I will return with more prisoners, mighty one.

    Hordak: Excellent, Force Captain.

    Sea Hawk's ship lands.

    Swend: I've never found this place to be fun.

    She-Ra: None of us have.

    Teela: This place looks pretty scary.

    Man-At-Arms: It does.

    Orko: Beast Island. I never forget this place.

    Adam: Hold it, rebels!

    Teela: Adam, what have they done to you?

    Adam: Don't question me, rebel!

    She-Ra: I'll handle him, Teela. Sword to rope!

    She-Ra uses the rope to tie Adam.

    Adam: Leech, troopers, take care of these rebels while I deal with this woman!

    Teela trips a few troopers.

    Man-At-Arms: Nice work, Teela.

    A trooper goes to shoot Man-At-Arms, he uses his force shield, knocking out some of them. Sea Hawk knocks Leech out. She-Ra and Orko take Adam out of view of everyone else.

    Orko: Adam, the Horde has you under a spell. You are not a member of the Horde, you are the Prince of Eternia.

    Adam: You are a lying little spider who needs to be squashed. As soon as I break free.

    She-Ra: Listen to me Adam! Orko, perhaps a spell where he does as I ask will work.

    Orko uses a spell on Adam, which temporarily controls him.

    She-Ra: Now Adam, reach behind you.

    Adam reaches behind him, taking out his sword.

    She-Ra: Lift that sword up, and say "By the power of Grayskull."

    Adam lifts up the sword

    Adam: By the power of Grayskull!

    Adam transforms to He-Man, and the usual sequence happens.

    He-Man: I never thought I'd be turning another member of the Royal Family of Eternia against the Horde.

    She-Ra and He-Man embrace

    She-Ra: I'll free Bow and the others. You and Orko help Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Sea Hawk take care of the Horde.

    He-Man: I gotcha!

    Leech goes to drain Sea Hawk of his power. He-Man grabs Leech before he can get his hands on Sea Hawk.

    He-Man: You never learn, do you?

    He-Man throws Leech against the troopers.

    Teela: He-Man! But where's Prince Adam?

    He-Man: He's safe. He's with She-Ra freeing the rebels.

    Sea Hawk: It's good to know he's back.

    Trooper: He-Man! You've turned another Eternian against us!

    Man-At-Arms grabs the trooper from behind.

    Man-At-Arms: Sea Hawk! Catch!

    Sea Hawk catches the trooper and throws him into the water.

    He-Man: Nice shot, Sea Hawk!

    Sea Hawk: Thanks.

    Orko uses a spell to turn the rest of the troopers into pigs. Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Sea Hawk laugh.

    Meanwhile, She-Ra takes out Scorpia and frees the rebels. Hordak goes to confront She-Ra, but He-Man busts in.

    Hordak: I guess this means Adam's a traitor!

    He-Man: Yes, Hordak, and as for you, you're coming back to Eternia to answer to King Randor!

    Hordak: No way, He-Man!

    Hordak turns into a rocket

    She-Ra: I swear, my brother, when the rebellion drives the Horde off of Etheria, I will be sure to keep him from leaving, and I will drag him to Eternia with me when I return.

    He-Man: He'll come to Eternia again, but this time, he will be stopped.

    Awhile later, back at the Whispering Woods...

    Adam: I want to thank you for helping me break the spell the Horde had on me.

    She-Ra: No problem, Adam. I can't take full credit, He-Man and Orko did help.

    Teela: Speaking of He-Man, where is he?

    Sea Hawk: He went to help you, and then he disappeared!

    Man-At-Arms: He had to go back to Eternia. Skeletor is at it again.

    Bow: That was to be expected.

    Adam and She-Ra embrace.

    Adam: I think we should get out of here before the Horde finds me and punishes me for my so-called betrayal.

    Man-At-Arms: She-Ra was telling me that a portal will be open in a few moments.

    She-Ra: When you do get home, tell He-Man I said good luck with Skeletor.

    Adam: I will, She-Ra.

    The portal opens, Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Orko walk through it.

    Glimmer: What could've been the worst catastrophe on Etheria ends up being a day of relief.

    Maddam: Beast Island needs to be destroyed.

    Broom: That, or converted into a peaceful island.

    Swift Wind: I can see an exhibit about that place ending up in Eternia's museum.

    The rebels laugh.

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    Really great one-shot story!
    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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