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Thread: Whiplash classic figure review thread

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    Whiplash classic figure review thread

    Woo-hoo, it's Friday. Not only does that mean it's almost the weekend, but also, it's also time for this weeks classic review thread!

    I am really pleased with how these threads are going, and the posts they are getting. Last week's thread (Stratos - was really good.

    Anyway, as requested by The Villain, this week's figure in the spotlight is Whiplash.

    I never could really decide how much I liked Whiplash.
    I never got around to saving up for the figure as a kid. It wasn't a bad figure as such, but for some reason it never really stood out to me, there seemed better figures to grab my attention when buying.

    Part of the reason I don't think I particularly liked Whiplash, was that his face looked a bit too goofy. Almost like he was smiling. Which wasn't too good for an Evil Warrior.

    Many have speculated that Lizard Man, who appeared in the early Filmation episodes "She-Demon of Phantos" and "Song Of Celice", may have been a very early incarnation of Whiplash, especially given that Filmation liked to include possible upcoming figures (as with Chopper / Jitsu in "The Dragon Invasion"). Indeed, very early publicity is said to have billed Whiplash as a Heroic Warrior, and even some Euro cards tagged him as such (though whether this was a mistake or not is unknown).

    Whiplash was fair in the Filmation cartoon, he was probably one of Skeletor's better later warriors; Although I was never too keen as how, in many of his appearances, he seemed to be replacing Beast Man as Skeletor's 'dim witted side-kick'.

    As I say, I never had a Whiplash figure in my original collection as a child (now I have numerous examples of the figure), so maybe that's why I never warmed to the character as much as the figures that I had.

    I remember one warm Summer day, when I was about 6, I came out of school one afternoon, and on the walk home my Mum said "I've got a surprise for you at home", and for some reason, I got it into my head that she had bought me a Whiplash figure. I was rather disappointed when we got in and it turned out to be a cat! (Well, I like cats... but I still never got a Whiplash figure. hehe)

    Nowadays, I have quite a few Whiplash figures. I have examples with both soft and hard heads, as well as one with a much lighter, pinky-orange belt (I don't know if this is an actual variation, or just a factory fluke).

    From a figure that I was always so-so about, I *really liked* the Four Horsemen 200x update of Whiplash. They gave him a lot more character. I really liked how, like Beast Man, he was really bulky, and very imposing, looking really like he meant business. Whiplash is one of my favourite 200x updates.

    So there's just my rambles on Whiplash.
    I'd like to hear your thoughts, your memories, how you played with it... anything you like.
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