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Thread: Mekaneck classic figure review

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    Mekaneck classic figure review

    Friday is finally here, hooray. And with it, comes another classic figure review.

    I am REALLY pleased with how well received these threads have been, and how many posts they are generating.

    This week's figure to discuss is MEKANECK.

    I never had a Mekaneck figure as a kid, but my best friend David did, so Mekaneck was involved in our battles quite a lot when we combined our collections to play.
    Just about everyone I knew who was into MOTU, agreed that the best way to use Mekaneck, was to hold him horizontally by his legs, and twist his torso, causing his neck to shoot out like a battering ram, knocking down any foes in his path.

    Mekaneck can be found with his common red armor, and occasionally with orange armor. I also have examples with varying depths of green on the belt. His club / periscope weapon can also be found in both bright yellow, and a deeper yellow.

    For many years, Mekaneck was incorrectly listed by many sources as a 2nd Wave figure, whereas in fact he was from the 3rd Wave. Evidence of this includes: his armor is clipped together, not straps, which was not introduced until the 3rd Wave; he was not billed in any of the mini-comics or on the back of the boxes until those of the 3rd Wave; and he didn't appear until the second season of the Filmation series.

    In the Filmation cartoon, he was presented in an okay-ish light (often paired with Buzz Off, introduced in the same wave), although his voice seemed to change with just about every episode he was in! He had quite a good spotlight episode, "Search For A Son" (only of the very few episodes that I had on video for some years), where he was given an origin story (his neck was injured in a terrible storm, and Man-At-Arms gave him a bionic one) - although in true MOTU style, he seemed to be known as Mekaneck even *before* his had his special neck; and had a son, Phillip, who had been held for years by Count Marzo, and, after being rescued, was never mentioned again!

    I never liked nor disliked Mekaneck particularly. He seemed like a good character, although was one of the first more 'gimmick' figures, with not so much actual character to him.

    Overall, I give Mekaneck an average 7 out of 10.

    Well, that's my random musings.
    Share your thoughts, comments, memories, how you used to play with him, how he could have been better... anything you like related to the character.
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