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Thread: An unlikely battle

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    An unlikely battle

    Eh, I'll just get on with the story, why list characters when you can see who's in it? Something based on real life shows up briefly.

    At the Fright Zone, Hordak is watching what appears to be The Price is Right on the view screen. Grizzlor walks in.

    Grizzlor: What the heck are you watching?

    Hordak: I'm watching this show from the planet Earth called The Price is Right.

    Grizzlor: An Earth show?

    Hordak: Yes. Thanks to this technology from the Horde catalog, I can see what's going on anywhere in the universe.

    Grizzlor: Who is that guy with the gray hair?

    Hordak: They call him Bob Barker. Earthlings have weird names, if you ask me.

    Suddenly, a Horde spy returns from Eternia.

    Hordak: What is going on on Eternia? Are He-Man and Skeletor throwing each other around again?

    Spy: No. Actually, Skeletor is planning to come to Etheria. He wants to speak to you.

    Hordak: You're joking.

    Spy: No, mighty one. Skeletor thinks he has finally come up with a way to stop He-Man, She-Ra, and other foes.

    Hordak: Very well. But if this is one of his tricks, this is what's going to happen to him!

    Hordak pushes a button, Mantenna goes down the trapdoor.


    Meanwhile, on Eternia...

    Skeletor: I'm on my way to Etheria now. Evil Lyn, keep an eye on things. I have to talk to Hordak about something very important.

    Evil Lyn: Hordak? But why him?

    Skeletor: If I have any hope of eliminating He-Man, She-Ra, or anyone else, I must talk to Hordak!

    Skeletor walks through a portal, he comes out in front of the Fright Zone.

    Hordak: Skeletor, what brings you here, bonehead?

    Skeletor: Now is not the time for name calling, Hordak. I have actually come up with a plan that would help me conquer Eternia, and at the same time, help rid you of the Rebellion.

    Hordak: Hmm. Help rid me of the Rebellion. You never seemed to care about the outcome of my war with the Rebels in the past.

    Skeletor: I am willing to do anything to conquer Eternia, and to get the likes of He-Man out of my hair. But to do that, we must also eliminate She-Ra.

    Hordak: She-Ra has been a problem for some time here on Etheria, probably worse than He-Man.

    Skeletor: At least from my personal experience, you're right. But, if I assemble my men, and we join forces with the Horde just this once, perhaps we can eliminate both. And then, there will be nobody to save their worthless friends.

    Hordak: While you and I haven't gotten along in so long, I never did deny that you have put my advice to good use. Perhaps if we did join forces, both She-Ra and He-Man could be easily defeated. But, how do I know this is not some trick?

    Skeletor: This is not a trick, Hordak. If you want any chance at eliminating the Rebellion and getting in the good graces of Horde Prime, you'll accept my offer.

    Hordak: Very well. You go back to Eternia and get your forces. I'll assemble the Horde, and we'll attack the Rebellion, then Eternia.

    Meanwhile, at the Whispering Woods...

    Adora: You know, Bow, if you keep holding up your archery like that, you'll start looking like Skeletor with his staff.

    Bow: Hmmm, I never bothered to notice how he fights. All I ever noticed is that he's Eternia's favorite punching bag.

    Glimmer: And with good reason.

    Kowl: Madam's coming!

    Madam arrives on Broom. They do their usual crash.

    Broom: Ow! My head!

    Adora: What's going on, Madam?

    Madam: Something unusual has happened. The Horde is putting aside their differences with Skeletor's army to better their chances at eliminating us and anything that moves on Etheria and Eternia.

    Bow: Talk about your unlikely events.

    Madam: Skeletor's forces have arrived at the Fright Zone, and they're planning their attack.

    Adora: You guys stay here, I'm gonna go find She-Ra.

    A few minutes later, on the other side of the Woods, Adora and Spirit are already transformed to She-Ra and Swift Wind. She-Ra summons the Sorceress through her sword.

    Sorceress: Greetings, She-Ra. Is there trouble?

    She-Ra: Yes, and you probably won't believe it. Skeletor's forces have come to Etheria, and they've joined forces with Hordak and the Horde.

    Sorceress: Oh no. Both Etheria and Eternia could be in great danger. Together, they'll get into Castle Grayskull with no problem.

    She-Ra: Is there any possible way to get He-Man and as many of his friends here to Etheria?

    Sorceress: Yes, I can do that. I'll contact Adam right away and let him know that he and some others will be needed on Etheria.

    She-Ra: Thank you, Sorceress.

    Awhile later, He-Man arrives on Etheria with Battle Cat, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko, Stratos, Ram Man, and Man E Faces.

    He-Man: I never thought I'd see this happening. Skeletor and Hordak, working together again.

    She-Ra: Yes, and I have a feeling they're on their way here.

    Meanwhile, outside the Whispering Woods....

    Hordak: First thing's first, we must capture She-Ra, and then, the Rebels will be weak.

    She-Ra: That won't be easy, Hordak!

    Evil Lyn: She-Ra! And He-Man's with her!

    The entire Rebellion and the Eternians show up.

    Skeletor: This may be easier than we thought.

    The battle begins, He-Man sends Merman into a few Horde Troopers.

    Hordak: We have to find a way to get She-Ra and He-Man away from the rest of the Rebels and capture them!

    Shadow Weaver: I'll take care of that.

    Shadow Weaver uses one of her spells to put both He-Man and She-Ra to sleep.

    Hordak: You did it Weaver. Let's take these two back to the Fright Zone!

    Bow: They've got She-Ra and He-Man.

    Man-At-Arms: We have to organize a rescue mission before it's too late.

    Glimmer: I know just the man who could help, too!

    Awhile later, back at the Fright Zone, He-Man and She-Ra are sitting back to back on a platform, tied together with a force field type rope. They try to get free.

    Skeletor: There's no way you two can escape that. Soon, Eternia will be mine, and you two won't be able to stop me.

    She-Ra: Skeletor, you can't hold us for long.

    Hordak: That's where you're wrong, She-Ra. Even the combined strength of the two of you can't break free from that. Soon, I will be rid of the Rebellion, and there's nothing you two can do about it.

    She-Ra and He-Man continue to struggle to break free. Meanwhile, the Eternians and the Rebels are on the way to the Fright Zone, with Sunder in tow.

    Sunder: Who the heck is this Skeletor?

    Man-At-Arms: He was Hordak's pupil a long time ago, when Adora was a baby. Long before you were the Horde General, Hordak and the Horde invaded Eternia. They took Adora away from King Randor and Queen Marlena, and that's how she ended up as their force captain.

    Sunder: Adora did look out of place when she was with the Horde. I remember telling Hordak she appeared too human to be a Horde member. So that explains it.

    Glimmer: One day, He-Man and Prince Adam came here from Eternia on a mission. That mission turned out to be to retrieve Adora from the Horde.

    Sunder: I've heard Hordak talk ill of this He-Man. In fact, Hordak was wishing I weren't on a mission for Horde Prime when that all happened. He felt I'd be the best match for He-Man.

    Teela: He-Man has been defending Eternia for years. He's kept Skeletor from conquering Eternia. That is why we must free him and She-Ra. They are both needed to fight the forces of evil.

    Ram Man: How far are we from the Fright Zone?

    Orko: It's just over that hill.

    Stratos: Good, because my wings are getting tired.

    Swift Wind goes under Stratos and carries him.

    Stratos: That's more like it. Thank you, Swift Wind.

    Swift Wind: Anytime, Stratos.

    Meanwhile, outside, the Horde Troopers, along with the Horde, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Merman, and Tri-Klops, are standing guard outside.

    Trooper: It's General Sunder, and the Rebels.

    Catra: It appears they're here to free the prisoners. Troopers, take the Rebels out. Leech, Modulok, Trap Jaw, Beast Man, Merman, alert Hordak and Skeletor.

    Modulok and Leech: Right!

    Inside, He-Man and She-Ra are still struggling to break free. The Hordesmen, along with Skeletor's men, walk in.

    Trap Jaw: Hordak, Skeletor, the Rebels and the Eternians are here!

    Hordak: What?

    Hordak changes to rocket form, Skeletor transports outside, they see the Rebels getting the better of the troopers.

    Evil Lyn: I'll take care of them.

    Shadow Weaver: No, my magic is far superior.

    Hordak: There's no time for arguing. BOTH OF YOU DO SOMETHING!

    As Evil Lyn and Shadow Weaver combine their magic, Orko reverses it, putting them both to sleep.

    Skeletor: Fools!

    Sunder sneaks in with Bow. They find He-Man and She-Ra tied up.

    Sunder: We're here.

    She-Ra: Sunder!

    Sunder frees both of them, but He-Man passes out, feeling weak from so much struggling.

    Bow: He-Man!

    She-Ra holds He-Man.

    She-Ra: He obviously struggled too much. I'll stay here with him, you two go back out there and take care of Skeletor's forces and the Horde.

    He-Man wakes up.

    She-Ra: Are you alright, He-Man?

    He-Man reaches for his sword.

    He-Man: the...power...of...Grayskull

    He-Man regains his strength, they both go out and join the fight. He-Man grabs a trooper from behind and throws him into the remaining troopers.

    He-Man: Hordak, you need to learn to put your toys away.

    Trap Jaw goes to shoot Sunder. Sunder blocks it, then sends Trap Jaw flying.

    He-Man: Amazing.

    Sunder: Thank you, He-Man. My name is Sunder.

    He-Man: Great to meet you, Sunder.

    Skeletor: BLAST! Hordak, this is the last time I join forces with you. I'm taking my forces and going back to Snake Mountain!

    Skeletor disappears, Hordak becomes a rocket.

    Hordak: There will be another time, She-Ra!

    Man-At-Arms: Well, even combining forces didn't help!

    Awhile later, back at the Whispering Woods...

    Teela: We've been making alot of trips out here to Etheria lately.

    She-Ra: Things have been quite hostile. But no matter what lengths you go to, evil will never prevail.

    He-Man: Well, the portal is almost ready. I just hope that next time I come here, it will be just for a visit for a change.

    Bow: At lest we taught the Horde and Skeletor's army a lesson.

    He-Man and She-Ra embrace, then the Eternians walk through a portal.

    She-Ra: Now that that unusual ordeal is over, I think we can resume our normal lives.

    Kowl: Until the Horde returns.

    She-Ra: I'll be prepared.

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    Nice. I love how you manage to get a lot of the key characters from both shows in, while also bringing in General Sundar (one of my favourite 'unsung heroes' of PoP).

    What you wrote here would make for an EXCELLENT PoP episode.
    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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    I liked how Skeletor was references as everyones favorite punching bag

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