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Thread: Skeletor's dreams come true

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    Skeletor's dreams come true

    At Snake Mountain, Skeletor, Evil Lynn, and Beast Man are in the throne room.

    Skeletor: At last! I am finally very close to conquering Eternia!

    Evil Lynn: I've heard this many times, Skeletor, but you always fail.

    Skeletor: Not this time. I have an escape proof plan for He-Man. Once I capture him, the royal family will be easy to defeat. After I conquer Eternia, Horde Prime will finally see that there is someone who would make a better Horde leader than Hordak. I will combine our armies, and then, She-Ra and the Great Rebellion will suffer the same fate as the Eternians. The universe will be mine. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Beast Man: But how are we going to get He-Man out in the open?

    Skeletor: I have sent Merman and Tri-Klops to Castle Grayskull. They are in one of my flying vehicles right now. All they have to do is shoot once, and He-Man will fall right into our trap!

    Meanwhile, at the Palace...

    Adam: This Sundar guy that we met on Etheria, a former member of the Horde. How many more do you think will leave the Horde and join the Rebellion?

    Teela: I know. First Adora, then Hawk, and now Sundar. I don't count you, you were under some spell.

    Adam: Even Skeletor once served the Horde, but he carried on his evil ways.

    Suddenly, Adam feels something strange.

    Adam: I'll be right back.

    Outside the Palace, the Sorceress is speaking to Adam in telepathy.

    Sorceress: Adam, Tri Klops and Merman have taken a shot at Castle Grayskull. Everything is fine here, but He-Man is needed.

    Adam: I'll be right on it.

    Cringer: Oh no, not again.

    Adam: Sorry, Cringer, but Skeletor is at it again.

    Adam and Cringer transform to He-Man and Battle Cat, then head off to Snake Mountain.

    He-Man: Two of Skeletor's men have hit Grayskull then flew off. They are up to something.

    Battle Cat: This could be a trap.

    He-Man: That's the risk we must take in defending Eternia.

    He-Man and Battle Cat arrive at Snake Mountain. They get inside, and Trap Jaw stuns both him and Battle Cat from behind with his cannon.

    Awhile later, Battle Cat is inside a cell, He-Man finds himself inside a seperate cell, one that is draining his energy.

    Skeletor: Make yourselves at home. Now that you're out of the way, I will take out the Royal Family, and Eternia will be mine!

    At the Palace, all of Eternia's warriors are assembled, as Adam had been missing for awhile.

    King Randor: I wonder where Adam could be?

    Teela: He told me he would be right back, but there's no sign of him.

    Zoar appears in the Palace window, she speaks to Man At Arms in telepathy.

    Man At Arms speaks to Orko...

    Man At Arms: He-Man has been lured into a trap by Skeletor. Luckily, we have all of our forces together.

    Suddenly, Skeletor, Evil Lynn, Beast Man, and Whip Lash appear outside the palace, and he forms a dome around it, gas fills it, putting everyone to sleep.

    Whip Lash: Finally. He-Man and all of his friends are ours.

    Skeletor: I can now conquer Eternia, and then, Horde Prime will be so quick to replace Hordak with me. And then, I will learn all of the secrets of Grayskull! This is my day. Hail Skeletor! Hahahahahaha!

    Meanwhile, on Etheria, the Rebellion has just defeated the Horde, thanks of course, to She-Ra.

    Bow: So She-Ra used one trooper as a bowling ball and bowled the rest of the Horde like they were pins.

    Adora: I wish I could've seen the look on their faces.

    Suddenly, Adora feels her sword vibrating.

    Adora: I will return soon. I have a feeling that something is wrong.

    Awhile later, Adora and Spirit are on the other side of the woods, the Sorceress is talking to Adora.

    Sorceress: Adora, you must bring a few Rebels to Eternia. Skeletor has trapped your brother He-Man and all of the other good Eternian people. Skeletor plans to conquer the planet with what's left of it, then take over the Horde and do what he's done to us to Etheria.

    Adora: He'll do it too if he's not stopped. I will do whatever I can for my brother and the good people of Eternia.

    Sorceress: Please come as soon as you can, Adora.

    Adora and Spirit transform to She-Ra and Swift Wind, then fly to the middle of the woods.

    She-Ra: Bow, Hawk, Glimmer, I'm going to need some rebels to come to Eternia with me.

    Bow: What's wrong?

    She-Ra: Skeletor seems to have conquered Eternia. He-Man has been captured, and the Royal Family is in trouble.

    Glimmer: What about the rest of the Eternians?

    She-Ra: Ram Man, Stratos, Man E Faces, Moss Man, Snout Sprout, Man At Arms, Orko, Teela, and the rest are all trapped inside the Palace. Sleep gas is keeping them unconcious, unable to do anything about Skeletor's attack.

    Sea Hawk: I will come.

    Glimmer: So will I.

    Bow: I'm there.

    She-Ra: Alright. Netossa, Spinerella, Kowl, Madam, you stay here. The Horde shouldn't bother you for awhile.

    Netossa: Sure thing, She-Ra.

    Awhile later, on Eternia, She-Ra rides on Swift Wind as Bow, Glimmer, and Sea Hawk fly on a makeshift ship made by Glimmer's magic.

    She-Ra: Snake Mountain is not far from here. Hawk, I will need your help, Bow, Glimmer, you stay out here and keep an eye out for any of Skeletor's men.

    Bow: Right, She-Ra.

    Inside Snake Mountain....

    Evil Lynn: Skeletor, my magic is picking up some intruders approaching.

    Skeletor looks on his crystal monitor.

    Skeletor: It's She-Ra and the Great Rebellion. Drat. I should have known they would make their way to Eternia to save their friends. Evil Lynn, I want you to guard He-Man's and Battle Cat's cells. Trap Jaw, Whip Lash, come with me, we're going to greet the Rebels.

    She-Ra and Hawk go to the entrance, to be greeted by Skeletor, Trap Jaw, and Whip Lash.

    Sea Hawk: Well if it isn't Bone Brain, Trap Flaw, and Wimp Lash.

    Skeletor: Get them!

    Whip Lash goes to hit Sea Hawk with his tail, Hawk grabs it and throws him to the wall. She-Ra kicks Trap Jaw, Skeletor runs.

    She-Ra: Now to find He-Man.

    Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Evil Lynn is guarding He-Man, Skeletor walks in.

    Skeletor: She-Ra and Sea Hawk are on their way.

    Evil Lynn: No matter. He-Man is so weak, even if they do free him, he'll be useless.

    She-Ra: You talk so big Evil Lynn, but let's see if you can back up your words.

    Evil Lynn tries using her magic on She-Ra and Sea Hawk, but both duck. She-Ra then throws Evil Lynn into Skeletor and frees both He-Man and Battle Cat. He-Man wakes up.

    He-Man: She-Ra. Sea Hawk. Glad you're here. I was almost done for.

    She-Ra grabs He-Man's sword then hands it to him.

    She-Ra: Hawk, wait outside for us, we'll take care of the rest of them.

    He-Man lifts up his sword, saying the usual words, regaining his strength. Beast Man walks in.

    Beast Man: Bah, you two aren't going to escape.

    He-Man and She-Ra both throw him to Skeletor, then head outside, where Skeletor, Evil Lynn, and Whip Lash are about to try to capture the other Rebels.

    Swift Wind: Battle Cat, I have an idea.

    Battle Cat: If it has to do with taking care of these guys, I'm for it.

    Battle Cat and Swift Wind take rope in their mouths and use it to tie up the villains, running around them.

    Skeletor: You mangy cat! You rabid horse! Stop it!

    Battle Cat: Nice teamwork.

    Swift Wind: Nice indeed.

    She-Ra: Now to free the Palace.

    Awhile later, after the Palace had been freed, inside, Randor, Marlena, Adam, She-Ra, and Cringer are in the throne room.

    Queen Marlena: She-Ra, I want to thank you for what you've done for Eternia today. Both my son and He-Man were held captive, but you came through.

    She-Ra: Anytime, Queen Marlena. There have been many times when the Eternians came to Etheria to help us in our continuing battle against the Horde. Adam, He-Man, Man At Arms, and the rest of your forces are always of great help.

    King Randor: Hordak is a long time enemy of ours, as is Skeletor, and by the ancients, we will do whatever we have to to make sure both are eliminated.

    Awhile later, right as She-Ra is headed outside the Palace to join the rebels, her and Adam embrace.

    She-Ra: You can always count on me to be there when you need me, my brother.

    Adam: One day, the Horde will fall, and so will Skeletor.

    She-Ra: Goodbye, my dear brother.

    Adam: Goodbye, sis.

    She-Ra gets outside, and jumps on Swift Wind, and the Rebellion takes off through a portal the Sorceress had opened for them.

    Cringer: I consider us lucky to have them.

    Adam: That we are, Cringer, that we are.

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    Mr. One-Shot Returns!

    Great story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirage View Post
    Mr. One-Shot Returns!

    Great story!
    Took me long enough to get my new e-mail address confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnissoevil1976 View Post

    Sea Hawk: Well if it isn't Bone Brain, Trap Flaw, and Wimp Lash.

    That was great!

    Really good story here, Evil John. Your best yet! The dialogue was great, and it felt like reading the script for a very good episode of PoP. I especially liked Swift Wind and Battle Cat teaming up, and Skeletor's reaction to it.
    "I'm not just crying for Hordak. I'm crying for the saddest thing I know - a wasted life. To be given that most precious gift - the gift of living, to do with as we choose. I'm crying, because this man has chosen to throw it away, and when he goes, nobody will care..." - She-Ra ( "My Friend, My Enemy")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian_He-Man View Post

    That was great!

    Really good story here, Evil John. Your best yet! The dialogue was great, and it felt like reading the script for a very good episode of PoP. I especially liked Swift Wind and Battle Cat teaming up, and Skeletor's reaction to it.
    Having watched several episodes of both MotU and PoP recently, I remembered how sarcastic Sea Hawk can be. The "Wimp Lash" thing was actually borrowed from a MotU episode that I remember. Hmm, I don't think I remember Skeletor ever coming THIS close to conquering Eternia...

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