No specific name for this, but as you know by now, I like to do the MotU-PoP crossovers, and this will be no different. Someone has a potty mouth somewhere in here, but don't worry, the specific word won't appear.

The story starts in the Whispering Woods. Adam and Teela come through the portal, hoping to have a quiet visit with their Etherian friends for once.

Adam: Well, we're here.

Teela: No sign of trouble so far.

Bow: Adam, Teela, good to see you both. How has everything held up on Eternia since Skeletor nearly took over?

Adam: He-Man had another battle with his army just a few days ago. He tried to capture my parents and take over the Palace.

Teela: It was nice seeing Adam punch one of his men for once.

Bow: Oh?

Teela: You tell him, Adam.

Adam: Trap Jaw tried to bite me with those steel jaws of his. I had to use my fist to take care of him.

Bow: I'm surprised that tin can hasn't rusted by now.

Adora shows up.

Adora: Adam, Teela, good to see you both.

Teela: Good to be here.

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone...

Hordak: The troopers should be returning with the tax money soon.

Imp: That is, if the Rebels stayed out of the way.

Hordak: The Rebels had no way of knowing this time. I disguised the troopers as Rebels collecting money towards a cause that would help get rid of the Horde.

Mantenna: Brilliant, mighty one.

Hordak: Yes. I never see you succeeding in those schemes, you bug eyed buffoon.

Mantenna: Mighty one, you sound like He-Man when you call me that.

Hordak: WHAT? Don't ever compare me to that muscle bound Eternian Rebel!

Hordak sends Mantenna down the trapdoor.

Hordak: Anyone else care to compare me to a Rebel?

Back at the Whispering Woods...

Netossa: Where is Orko? He's usually always with you, Adam.

Adam: Orko is preparing for a magic show he is going to perform in a few days. Which reminds me, he is inviting the Rebellion to come to Eternia to see it. His family from Trolla as well as the Royal Family and the good Eternian warriors will be there.

Spinerella: I just hope he has improved in controlling his magic.

Teela: Not to worry, he's going to have a big window between his show and the audience.

Glimmer: I hope so. I like Orko, but he has been known to goof up on his tricks.

Teela: Look out! Madam's coming!

Madam flies through the woods on Broom.

Teela: Maybe this time, she will land right for a change.

Adora: Believe me Teela, Hordak will join the Rebellion before that happens.

Adam giggles upon hearing that as Madam crashes.

Bow: Who didn't see that coming?

Madam: The Horde has gotten one over on us.

Adora: What do you mean?

Madam: Several troopers have gone to the villages, disguised as us, to collect taxes.

Adam: What?

Madam: They told the villagers that the money was going towards a worthy cause, a cause that would greatly increase our chances of driving the Horde off of Etheria.

Adam: And to think that what Skeletor did to Eternia recently couldn't be outdone.

Adora: We have to do something. Teela, Bow, Glimmer, Madam, Kowl, wait here. Adam and I are going to find She-Ra.

Adam: Maybe we can try to contact He-Man and get him here.

Adora: Good idea.

Teela: Good luck.

A few minutes later, Adam and Adora transform, they return in their He-Man and She-Ra forms on Swift Wind.

She-Ra: This is a new low for the Horde.

Bow: I'm still trying to figure out how they pulled it off.

He-Man: I don't put anything past the Horde.

She-Ra: We're going to need backup, so Bow, Teela, and Glimmer...

Teela: Say no more She-Ra, my father trained me to do battle.

Bow: I'm in.

Glimmer: Let's go!

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone...

Hordak: Good work, troopers. Something that will make Horde Prime happy has been accomplished.

Catra: Hordak, She-Ra, He-Man, and a few Rebels are on their way.

Hordak drops the F-bomb.

Leech: Mighty one, what does that mean?

Hordak: You don't know what that means? I thought every evil being knew what that word meant. But nevermind right now, this is not the time to explain it. We must attack these Rebels. Catra, send some troopers to the entrance.

The rebels get inside, the troopers begin to fire. As the fight goes on, the troopers capture Teela and take her away. After the fight is over...

He-Man: Where's Teela?

Glimmer: She was here a minute ago.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon...

Hordak: If it isn't Teela, daughter of Man At Arms. You know, your father was once foolish enough to think he could stop the Horde from taking Princess Adora from King Randor.

Teela: Let me go, you villain!

Hordak: Your friends are still in the Fright Zone. Perhaps if He-Man were to surrender to me, I could let you go.

Teela: You're just like Skeletor.

Hordak: Bah. What is with people comparing me with my enemies? No matter. You will remain my prisoner unless He-Man surrenders to me. Adora would still be serving me if it wasn't for him, and I would never have had to see Skeletor's face again.

Meanwhile, He-Man, She-Ra, Bow, and Glimmer walk through the Fright Zone.

She-Ra: If we don't free Teela soon, who knows what Hordak will do to her?

Hordak appears

Hordak: He-Man! If you want to see your friend Teela free, you will willingly go to the Space Port and go inside a rocket to Horde World. I am sure Horde Prime will be happy to have you as his prisoner.

She-Ra: No, wait, I'll go.

Hordak: Forget it, She-Ra. I'll deal with you eventually. He-Man is responsible for Adora turning against the Horde. So I have decided that he should serve eternity as Horde Prime's prisoner.

Glimmer: Don't do it, He-Man.

He-Man: If I don't surrender, who knows what he'll do to Teela?

Hordak: Very smart He-Man. Troopers, free the Eternina prisoner. Leech, stay close to He-Man and escort him to the Space Port. If he tries anything funny, drain all of his energy.

Leech leaves with He-Man, Teela returns to the Rebels.

Teela: Now how are we going to free He-Man?

She-Ra: I know where the Space Port is. There's not time to lose.

Meanwhile, inside a rocket, He-Man is trapped in a force field.

He-Man: I must warn you, all of Eternia will be here if Hordak goes through with this.

Trooper: We'll be prepared for any friends you may have on Eternia.

Outside the rocket, Hordak and Shadow Weaver are standing guard.

Hordak: She-Ra and the Rebels should be on their way. I am going to launch the rocket as soon as they get here.

She-Ra and the Rebels come in

She-Ra: Then what are you waiting for, Hordak?

Hordak: Now!

As the rocket launches, Teela gets out a stunner and shoots the rockets engine, rendering it useless and shutting off the force field holding He-Man. Hordak drops the F-bomb.

Teela: What is it with you and Skeletor using that word?

Hordak: Nevermind. Get them!

He-Man breaks out of the rocket. The troopers go to attack. Teela grabs one.

Teela: I hope you like long rides, because you're going for one, metal brain.

Teela throws the trooper out the window. Another goes to grab He-Man.

Trooper: We are going to get you to Horde World one way or the other, He-Man.

He-Man: I don't think so!

He-Man throws the trooper towards a few others. Another grabs She-Ra.

She-Ra: Alright, robot, time for you to get better acquainted with your master.

She-Ra throws the trooper at Hordak as Bow and Glimmer take care of a few more.

Hordak: You'll pay for this, She-Ra and He-Man!

Awhile later, back at Whispering Woods....

Adam: Well, so much for the visit.

Adora: There will be other times, my brother.

Teela: I'm just glad we got He-Man out of that rocket before it blasted off for Horde World.

Bow returns

Bow: The tax money has been returned to the villagers.

Adora: Good job, Bow. Next time the Horde tries something like that, the villagers will automatically know now that the Horde alarm has been placed there.

Adam: Well, we must be going.

Teela: We'll keep in touch.

Adam and Teela walk through the Woods. Kowl shows up.

Kowl: Anything exciting happen while I was away?

Adora: You could say that.

Bow: Yes. Horde Prime's prison is remaining empty today.

Kowl: Huh?

Adora: Long story, Kowl.

Madam: I'm sure Hordak will have a good explanation.

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone, Horde Prime is speaking to Hordak on the monitor.

Horde Prime: So, Hordak, when will He-Man arrive?

Hordak: Well, Horde Prime, we ran into a slight problem...


Horde Prime sends Hordak down a trapdoor, Mantenna laughs.