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Thread: Help with a Pepsi Transformers commercial from the 80's

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    Help with a Pepsi Transformers commercial from the 80's

    There was a commercial I saw way back in a world tv adds show from Pepsi on the 80's that I tried to watch again online with no luck.

    The scene was in a gas station in the middle of the road at night and after a truck or a car leaves, there are 2 soda machines, one from Coke and the other one from Pepsi.
    One of them pops up a sort of Transformer head and stares meanly at the other machine that does the same. Then they pop up arms and legs and they pretty much are ready to start a fight at the roof of the gas station when they hear a noise of someone coming and they transform back to machine mode. A guy or a girl, don't recall exactly, inserts a coin at the Coke machine and a can of Pepsi is given instead of Coke. The person walks away surprised and the Pepsi machine pop ups the robot head again and winks or do a gesture.

    Have someone else seen that tv commmercial or remember it? Do you know where am I able to find it online?
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    Oh, I remember it alright, but I haven't been able to find it either. I think there was a mail order offer related to this ad for a transforming Pepsi can/robot.
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