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Thread: new Hanna-Barbera comics (link)

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    new Hanna-Barbera comics (link)

    Take a look at this crap(in my opinion).

    Don't ruin my childhood.

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    I'll be picking up Future Quest and maybe Wacky Raceland.

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    I'm actually quite interested in that Flintstones comic.

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    Future Quest is the only one that looks like it might hearken back to the original concepts. Some look like they might be mildly interesting, but I don't see anything here that makes me want to see a lot more of it. My one hope is that Space Ghost's appearance in Quest might be fairly good, and show folks what the character was intended to be. Still can't wash the bad taste of that talk show abomination on Cartoon Network out of my mouth even after all these years. It might be worth picking that Quest title up just to see a heroic Space Ghost back in action.
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    These could be fun, but I doubt I'll really get into any of them. I might pick up the Scooby and Flintstones premieres out of curiosity. I have a thing for Betty Rubble.
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    Amanda Conner on The Flinstones sounds like a win to me.

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