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Thread: Can somebody please help me identify this toy and the toyline it came from?

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    Can somebody please help me identify this toy and the toyline it came from?

    I thought it was from the Super Powers line in the 80's but couldn't find this guy in any of the searches I did.

    This figure is in a collection that my cousin left to his son when he passed last year and we're trying to "name them all" and this was really the only one that stumped me.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Nevermind...just found him. Kang from the Secret Wars line.
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    It looks like Kang from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars came with a Secret Shield - 1984
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    That is Kang the Conquerer from Mattel's Secret Wars line! Search up Secret Wars by Mattel and you'll find a wealth of info. It was a neat little toyline!
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    That is Kang from Mattel Marvel Secret Wars action figures line
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    Kang was and still is one of my favorite marvel characters. I had all the secret wars toys! Even the tower of doom.

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    I'm not even a big marvel fan and I thought it was a marvel character

    Not to piggy back...but does anyone have this toy? From a 1990s wizard game. I'm trying to hear what it sounds like to confirm or not that it is a toy used on an old radio show called Rocky allen....
    they used to have a game where you would ask the qwizard a yes or no question . Surprisingly enough, the toy was right more often then not in predicting ;o)

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