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Thread: RetroWorld Expo 2015

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    RetroWorld Expo 2015

    Just got back from Retroware Tv's inaugural convention, and it was a really great first outing. Finally got to meet PixelDan in person.
    He, and The Gaming Historian had great panels! Sadly I didn't get to every panel as I wanted to try to get to as much as possible.
    A lot of vendors showed up, a huge turn out too had to be in the thousands easy. Spent a fair amount of time in the Arcade too.
    So great seeing After Burner, NARC, Total Carnage, Mortal Kombat II, Donkey Kong Junior, Mario Bros, and a bunch of other cabs again.
    Also loved seeing the Pre NES console love. They had a 5200, a Colecovision, and an Intellivision set up along with everything else.
    Plus I found a complete Stinkor, and a complete Hordak, which was awesome.

    I didn't see any other orgers, but if you were there, and I missed you hopefully I'll see you next year. With the turnout I'm sure they'll have
    another one next year.

    I posted my recap here, for anybody who is interested.
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    The Gaming Historian is also known as Norman Caruso.
    You can visit him at
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    I was there too, it was pretty cool. The best thing for thing for me was my son Daniel meeting pixel Dan . He even made him a blind box . Pixel Dan was really nice in talking to him.
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