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Thread: DC Universe Classics Figure Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAG2045 View Post
    Glad we are getting Unleashed Doomsday (even if we were potentially lied to). But will those of us that subscribed to the 2015 sub be allowed early access for him ?

    Probably only those subscribed to Club Eternia 2014 and/or Club Etheria 2014. Early access for Club Eternia 2015 should start in January 2015.

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    Ordered DCUC Superboy today - cant believe only Damien Wayne left

    Anyone else pick up Superboy or the SP figs?

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    I picked up a Superman since I technically don't have a Superman already in this line.
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    I picked up Superboy and the Super Powers Batman and Superman. I liked the Wonderwoman but she wasn't drastically different enough for me to spend the extra cash.

    On a side note, I just picked up the new 52 Darkseid (MOTUC buck) at Tuesday Morning for $6.99. I don't really care for the new 52 at all but I didn't have a Darkseid, it's based on a MOTUC buck, and it was only $7.
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