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Thread: DC Universe Classics Figure Thread

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    I REALLY did not like that 'unleashed' 2nd tier Doomsday. He was WAY too big. It was completlely out of scale with the other DCUC.

    Doomsday was bigger than superman yeah... but he wasn't THAT big.


    He could still full-nelson him... it wasn't just punching a mountain.

    Had the prototype video been closer to scale, I may have subbed. It was only a mini sub at that... but I didn't care about containment suit version at all...

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    Anyone pick up Doomsday at SDCC? I ordered my one on Matty yesterday but wondered what people think of him?

    My feedback

    Great traders: Blue-jackal/Fneh(2)/Daz/Royalt1us/Evil-Orko/Buythepower/Booster/Adora/Zodac101/tokyonever/lemure77(2)/Vess(2)/Scorpia/Buzzsaw Hordak/miscus555/tmc1984/General Hawk 7

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    He is fantastic Up there with my favorite oversized dcuc figures like Grundy giganta chemo and darkseid

    Such a striking figure and he makes unleashed doomsday a partial tooled item needing just head, firearms, hands, upper torso spikes
    I'm wanting to buy or trade for a set of the Wonder Twins figures *with* a Gleek that have nice solid clean paint applications. If you have a set and are interested private message me.

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