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Thread: Comic Secrets Finally Revealed!

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    Comic Secrets Finally Revealed!

    Check out the main page of guys, for the December 25th entry!

    Looks like the infamous Unnemployed Skeletor has been drafted in to spill some precious beans and give us some interesing stuff about the 200x MOTU comic by MV Creations!

    There some really nice juicy info I think you will agree!
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    Dude! That was kick ass!
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    I love it when you take a rather ordinary villain from the classic line and really manage to make him imposing. In this case, Faker would really be one of the most powerful of He-man's adversaries in the comic.

    I don't know if this can be answered or not (prolly not), but I'll toss it out anyway. How exactly does the Skeletor we all know and love manage to keep Faker working for him? Surely if evil He-man came from a world where he was the ruler, he wouldn't agree to be someone else's lackey here, would he?

    Either way, I love that development. Really cool. That's the kind of thing the comic needed, and big time kudos to Val, Emiliano et all for coming up with such fun ideas. It's a shame they didn't come to be.
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    That's assuming that Faker and Skeletor continue to work together.

    But if he did, I'm sure there's all sorts of sneaky ways Skeletor could keep Faker under foot.

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    I still don't know what to make of Unemployed Skeletor ...

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