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Thread: She-Ra recolored using He-Man colors... What do you think?

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    She-Ra recolored using He-Man colors... What do you think?

    Hi everyone! Growing up loving He-Man and She-Ra, I always had one question... How come She-Ra isn't tan like He-man is? So, I made a simple re-color of She-Ra using He-Man skin tone and hair color. I think it would make a great alternate toy release for She-Ra! And how about a He-Man that has She-Ra skin tone and hair color? I might do that one next! What do you think?

    Please click on picture to see enlarged. Thank you.

    she ra he man color copy.jpg
    SheRa recolored like HeMan by toyzloveme.jpg
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    Hmmm seems like a click bait .... I will take a nibble. She Ra looks less sexy in those colours .

    As to the why factor thats easier .

    Her sword , powers and transformation are all different . She is also getting coked up on both Greyskull and Crystal Castle sniff sniff .
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    Change all her colors, so even her outfit is the same colors as He-Man's. I bet she'll look great. The problem is the gold is clashing with the tan skin color.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Something kinda like this:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Swapped both their colors:


    - - - Updated - - -

    I fixed the gold color you had on your original, and it doesn't look tooo bad:


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