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Thread: Olesker's Thread: "You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers"

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    Olesker's Thread: "You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers"

    Now that the N/A DVD is out, I've got a hunch all you guys (and gals) are going to have a lot of questions. I discussed this with The Shadow and he's been gracious enough to approve me starting my own thread. Trust me, this isn't a question of ego nor pomposity -- neither of which are likely to exist in a television writer who's been kicking for around for as long as this aging warrior has been. Rather, the thinking here is that it'll be more efficient all of us to have all questions directed to me through a single thread instead of all over the place.

    I'd like to kick this off by telling everyone what I thrill it's been for me to be on the Forum these past months. (And I look forward to being around as long as you'll all have me.) The support I've felt from ardent N/A fans has been heartening and I'm delighted to see that He-man fans who've never viewed the series, along with some loyal MOTU fans, are open to giving N/A a new chance. I must say I've enjoyed everyone's posting on this and all other forums. I've found He-man fans, by and large, are an intelligent, witty and engaging group. Stimulating conversation and interaction is difficult to find in today's world and I'm so very happy to have found it here. I believe we owe and enormous thank you to everyone involved with creating, maintaining and administering That's not smoke-blowing; just a simple statement of fact, because none of us would be enjoying these forums if it weren't for them.

    To everyone posting, let me say from the start that I don't expect the N/A series to be embraced by everyone -- no series ever is. But I'm pleased that so many loyal MOTU fans seem to have gotten past their initial disappointment when N/A first debuted. So thanks to one and all.

    What I'd like to do here is establish a few loose ground rules for all of us for this thread. First, I think it's a good idea for anyone not familiar with where I'd hoped to take N/A in Season Two, to take a look at my posts from #27 on in The New Adventures of He-man 1990 Annual thread. I think they pretty much lay out my thoughts and will hopefully give loyal MOTU fans a reason not to want to draw and quarter me.

    Next, this thread is really intended to be a place for you all to ask me whatever questions you want. It should primarily be about N/A, but I have no problem fielding queries about the children's entertainment, toy and animation industries in general.

    Please, no hate postings. Lord knows there's more than enough hate in the world already. So we don't need any more over, least of all over a toon. On the other hand, my fragile writer's ego has no problem with you offering a few superlatives. But seriously, postings about your relative likes or dislikes for N/A are more appropriately directed to the official N/A DVD feedback thread.

    Two other minor matters, then you can fire away: 1) I had nothing to do with Skeletor's eyes, so please let's not get into that. 2) I had nothing to do with voice casting or voice direction. I was responsible for developing the series bible, writing thirty-seven episodes, story-editing some others and reviewing most of the storyboards.

    One final bit of business. Although I know I've said it in other posts, I'd like to again say how very grateful I am to BCI for bringing out the DVD. It's wonderful for me to have this gift after all these years, but even more precious for me to see how it lights up my seven-year old son's eyes. So many thanks to all.

    And now, let's do it!
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