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I see, so that is why almost every classic character was kept on hold. That makes alot of sense ,the new characters needed the spotlight and the exposure but don't you think this desicion might have been the reason NA He-man felt like a totally different property back in the early 90s?
People instead of considering it MOTU cannon felt betrayed. This is not my personal opinion cause I think you made a tremendous job with it and it most've been very hard to please everyone at the time specially since Mattel wanted to change the concept so drastically. I consider it MOTU canon because you respected many aspects of the classic while giving us the New adventures that needed to be told.

I am sorry but I am going to throw just another question at you.
This is regarding the Power Sword, in NA it got new powers never seen before in the classic series and was turned it into a better weapon. Was this your idea or Mattel suggested it?
Thanks again Jack!!
I know it felt like a totally different series, Mike, and in part it was supposed to. What always bothered me was that loyal MOTU fans felt (understandably) betrayed. In this regard, I thought Mattel made a huge marketing mistake in not rolling out N/A differently. I thought, long before the first episode aired, they should have prepared the legion of MOTU fans for what was coming, rather than just thrusting it upon them. I also felt, if they liked my idea about Season Two, that we should have let those same fans know that we planned on returning to Eternia in Season Two. In this way 1) the shock wouldn't be so great when they found out He-man was going into the distant future because at least they'd be prepared for the change and 2) they would realize that we weren't ditching Eternia but merely taking an excursion from it, with plans to return to the great characters who existed there, in so doing adding in exciting new characters.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Regarding the Power Sword, I'll thank you for your comments and note that a lot of fans didn't like its new powers. I'll humbly take credit -- or blame, depending upon your point of view -- for the new powers. My feeling was that He-man was going on an epic journey, not only through space but through time as well. So, using a bit of creative license, I wanted his sword to be affected by it -- hence the new powers. I also hoped it would freshen up things a bit.

You know, while I'm on the subject of 'freshening up' things, I want to say a few words on that point. I know there's been a lot of spirited debate on this thread about Skeletor in particular. Now I'm not going to get into his eyes or his voice, since I didn't have anything to do with that. But I did have everything to do with Skeletor's personality in N/A. I hoped to add to his already strong personality and give it a few new twists. A lot of fans liked the fact that I gave Skelly a sense of wry humor and had him occasionally deliver a wisecrack. A lot of fans also throught it was pure sacrilege. Personally, I had a lot of fun with it. I felt it made the character more dimensional and layered. I can tell you that when I sat down to write each day that it was Skeletor who I looked forward to hanging out with for ten-to-twelve hours.

Of course that's a personal observation, and the debate about whether or not it was the right decision will continue. But I think there's a secondary point to consider here -- and one I admittedly had not thought about when I quite consciously made the Skeletor decision. And here's that secondary point: Because the opinions are divided, strong debate has erupted. And it's in that debate that He-man fans show their passion -- on either side of the debate. I think that's very healthy, because it keeps the fires of excitement about this extraordinary and much beloved franchise burning bright. And I think all fans who are arguing the Skeletor issue are to be applauded -- whether they agree with and enjoyed my decision or vehemently and articulately oppose it -- because it shows they are devoted fans who hold strongly to their opinions. Fortunate the series to have such fans after so many years. Fortunate, indeed, the writer to be involved with such a series and with such fans.