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However, I must say it is heartening, after all these years, to see some loyal MOTU fans not only giving N/A a chance, but even feeling that it was a pretty good show. I worked very hard on the series, brought my best efforts to bear, and I'm pleased I don't have too many folks out there who still want to string me up by my thumbs.
It's a strange thing, is loyalty... especially for kids.
I recall very vividly the first time I saw NA. If I remember correctly (Dagar could probably confirm or debunk this), the first episode was shown in the UK around Christmas time... maybe not particularly close to Christmas, but definitely during the school holidays. I remember being very excited, jumping around our living room like a crazed thing, because He-Man was back. My excitement soon turned to anger, and I don't think I watched much more after the first few episodes, telling everyone that would listen "That's not He-Man!"
I was very young. *shrugs*

In the mid-90s though, I had another look... I believe it was Dagar himself who traded me a lot of tapes, and I saw the show in an entirely different light. Since then, I would definitely count myself as a big fan of the show. In truth, I'd probably prefer watching 60-odd episodes of NA than the more recent MOTU cartoon.

I think the NA cartoon was a victim of circumstance... the problems that sunk it were nothing to do with the quality of the show, in my opinion (apart from a bit of shoddy animation now and then). It came too soon after the Filmation cartoon, whose characters and conventions were still too fresh in our minds to accept this new vision of He-Man. I think it would've been a different story altogether if NA had surfaced in 1995 or 1996... it might have achieved the same kind of success as the Transformers relaunching as Beast Wars, which had a similar shift in formula from the original Transformers.

Meh. I write too much... to cut a long story short, I liked the New Adventures. So thank you. =)