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Chris here...

Sorry not to be offering something more constructive to this thread (I've thought of several questions I would have liked to ask Jack, but other people have all seemingly beat me to the punch!) - but, I just wanted to confirm that The New Adventures of He-Man cartoon did indeed make its UK debut on ITV at Christmas time 1990, specifically on Christmas Eve where the first five-parter was edited together and broadcast as "The New Adventures of He-Man: The Movie"! I believe it was shown at 9:25am!

Dave is also spot on in that the second five-parter aired over here circa Easter time in the spring of 1991 - again, it was cut together to make a feature-length special!

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That's interesting, He-Fan. I wasn't aware of that.

Before N/A hit domestic U.S. broadcast, Mattel put the first five parter together and premiered it at the MGM Theater in Culver City, California. I've mentioned this in other posts, but I'll tell you again how much fun it was to see 1,500 screaming kids going nuts over the 'movie'. Before it ran, Mattel had a live action He-man and Skeletor show up and battle on the stage.

That was a fine moment for a television writer who was unaccustomed to the pleasure of immediate feedback from fans.