So I just started watching New Adventures and my brother said you had a thread, so this is awesome! I did have a few critiques and questions. This is about the show in general, and not you, per se. If you can speak about any of it, it would be fantastic! Sorry for being all over the map.

1) I love the camp and morality of the series was held over from the Filmation series. I am very OK with this. I loved 200x and needed to watch the original a few times to understand the approach of the old series, but coming off of that, it was great this series maintained that same spirit. Well-done!

2) I "get" what you were trying to do with Skeletor. Some were calling him Fire Marshall Bill and such, but in spirit he's just another take on the scheming and manipulating he would do otherwise. It was a different take, and Alan Oppenheimer certainly set the bar, but this Skeletor did the job adequately. His laugh I'd like to forget.

3) This series had a Thundercats vibe from me: Great theme animation, lower-quality animation in the series itself. Like a MOTUC toy, you can have the best minds on it, but it only takes bad art and paint to throw off a great concept. The colors were very muted and drab. What a shame.

4) Shuki Levy and Haim Saban did the music. Interesting take but a rare misfire IMO. It doesn't grab you like it does for the old series, She-Ra, and Power Rangers.

5) Master Sebrian (sp?) and his vernacular. It is such a put-off. I get he's a clerical figure and all, but that "power of the good and the way of the magic" was very heavy-handed and had an almost religious undertone. I know he was speaking in prophecies and such, but he reminded me of speaking Bible verses. It literally accurate, but it's a very unappealing style of spoken word. I hope that makes sense. It is especially weird given he's a "future" character, not that there's future speak. I will say I am glad they didn't use slang, or verbiage of the time.

6) The lack of his shield...again. Once again his sword deflects beams. Why not his shield? Was this animation taboo?

7) I see the new joke characters are these Scientists. I get their function. I also see why folks don't care for them. I understand them, however. It sounds odd, but the negative talk about how bad this series was made me pleasantly surprised how much better I thought it would be.

8) I have much more to watch, but how deep does character development go? So far Flipshot and Hydron seem kind of interchangeable personality-wise. I do know Slush-Head has a romantic partner and Mara and Crita get battle-ready costumes.

9) The production...maybe the seems bland. Nothing grabs at you. It seems very "Canadian". If you've seen the 4Kids Sonic X series or GI Joe Sigma 6, you understand. No memorable or signature music. The color palette is very muted and drab as well. Neither helped the series.

10) Who designed the characters and weapons: Mattel or the animators?

11) Is the Mark Taylor on this series the same as the Mark Taylor who did toy designs on the vintage line?

12) What do you think of the MOTUC figures of the NA characters this far? Any you'd like to see personally?