I'm really pleased with how popular these battle scenario threads seem to be.

This week’s scenario is a three-way battle, between three very feral warriors.

The savage BEAST MAN, versus the master of camouflage MOSS MAN, versus the ferocious GRIZZLOR.

(Well I'm considering Moss Man to be feral-like anyway, being a creature of the wild, and after all, he reuses Beast Man's entire mold. Nice to know he was into recycling!)

All three characters are experts in outdoor survival, and all of them have somewhat savage elements to them.

By the way, whilst I generally leave it up to you to decide just which "version" of the warriors would be in the battle, for this one, I'm considering Moss Man not to be the giant, multi-powered entity that appeared in the MYP cartoon.

As this is a three-way battle, who would be taken out first, and who would be the final one standing.