Queen Elmora and Lizard Man are back!

This one starts on Phantos. Adam, Adora, Man At Arms, and Lizard Man are on Phantos, speaking with Queen Elmora.

Queen Elmora: I hope this Photanium helps you and your friends in your battle against this Horde that you, Adam, Man At Arms, and Lizard Man speak of, Adora.

Adora: I'm glad my friends and family on Eternia told me about you and brought me here, Queen Elmora.

Adam: Even Hordak's powers can't match the power of the Photanium.

Elmora: Who is this Hordak, anyway?

Man At Arms: Leader of the Horde. He took Adora from the Royal Family when her and Adam were babies. Where do you think Skeletor learned his evil from?

Lizard Man: I am having so many memories of when Skeletor came here and put the Queen under his spell.

Adora: We better get this Photanium back to Etheria and test it.

Elmora: Good luck, Adora.

Adora: Thank you, Queen Elmora.

Awhile later, they're on Eternia at Castle Grayskull, getting ready to head off to Etheria, now with Teela in tow.

Teela: This Photanium should work in helping you rebels deal with the Horde.

Sorceress: The portal is ready.

Adora: Let's get going.

They come out outside the Whispering Woods, as they head for the woods, Teela unknowingly drops a Photanium sword. Grizzlor, Dylamug, and a few troopers spot the sword. A trooper picks it up.

Trooper: I've never seen material like this.

Dylamug: Let's get this to Hordak. He'll love to see this.

Awhile later, at the Fright Zone...

Shadow Weaver: Hordak, my magics tell me that this metal that Adora and the Eternians brought here isn't even from Eternia.

Hordak: What is it?

Shadow Weaver: It is a metal from the planet of Phantos called Photanium. It is a very strong metal. Strong enough, in fact, that it increases the rebels' chances of beating us.

Hordak: Drat! We can't let the rebels beat us so easily. We have to find a way to get to Phantos and steal this material. It would be so useful to us in getting rid of She-Ra and the Rebellion once and for all.

Meanwhile, at Whispering Woods, the Eternians and rebels are testing the Photanium

Bow: Even my arrows are no match for this Photanium. I like our chances against the Horde.

Teela: This metal has been effective in our battles against Skeletor since Queen Elmora introduced us to it.

Sprocker: Madam's coming!

Madam: Left Broom! Right! No, left!

Madam and Broom crash

Adora: Madam, are you alright?

Madam: Yes, I am, but I have some bad news.

Adam: What is it?

Madam: The Horde is on their way to the planet Phantos. They picked up a sword outside the Whispering Woods that was made of a material called Photanium, and they intend on stealing some to use against us.

Lizard Man: Oh no! If the Horde gets the Photanium, the Rebellion could be done for.

Adam: And then, he can come to Eternia and defeat us. We've got to stop them.

Adora: We have to get back there. Adam and I will go find She-Ra, and hopefully find a way to get He-Man here.

Adam and Adora take off on Spirit, they transform, then return.

Glimmer: You two wasted no time getting here.

She-Ra: I think I may know of a way to get us to Phantos without going through Eternia.

She-Ra contacts Light Hope through the sword.

Light Hope: How may I help you, She-Ra?

She-Ra: We need to get to the planet Phantos. Hordak plans on stealing Photanium to advance their battles against the Rebellion.

Light Hope: I can get you there. I will open a portal, but you all must hurry, it won't stay open for long.

He-Man: We are grateful for your help, Light Hope.

Light Hope: He-Man, you and everyone else must prevent Hordak from getting his hands on that Photanium at all costs. You know about the metal, you have had it used against you by Skeletor in the past.

She-Ra: Netossa, Spinerella, Kowl, and Madam, you stay here, the rest of us will go to Phantos to stop Hordak. Frosta is on her way to help you all stand guard.

Netossa: Sure thing, She-Ra.

The portal opens.

She-Ra: Let's get going.

Meanwhile, on Phantos

Hordak: Greetings. I assume you're Queen Elmora.

Elmora: Yes, but who are you?

Hordak: My name is Hordak, ruler of Etheria, and leader of the Horde.

Elmora: Man At Arms told me about you!

Elmora goes to use her magic on Hordak, but Hordak turns his hand into a shield and blocks it. Shadow Weaver uses a spell to put Elmora to sleep.

Hordak: Grizzlor, Dylamug, troopers, take the Queen to her own prison. I am going to find me some Photanium.

Grizzlor: Yes, mighty Hordak!

Meanwhile, She-Ra, He-Man, Man At Arms, Teela, Lizard Man, Bow, and Glimmer come through the portal.

Lizard Man: Well, we're back here again.

Man At Arms: All of this somehow reminds me of when Skeletor came here and invaded.

Trooper: This time it's much worse, rebel!

She-Ra: I see Hordak didn't come alone!

She-Ra, He-Man, and the rest fight the troopers.

Teela: It looks like someone needs a nap.

Teela opens up a trooper and rips out his circuits. Another one goes to shoot Lizard Man.

Lizard Man: I think Phantos has a junkyard, and you'd fit in well over there.

Lizard Man picks him up and throws him to the ground, the trooper dismantles on impact.

Bow: Here trooper, taste my arrow.

Bow shoots the arrow at a trooper, dismantling him and another. He-Man and She-Ra take out a few, while Man At Arms and Glimmer take out the rest.

He-Man: Now to stop Hordak.

Meanwhile, Hordak is looking through the Photanium.

Hordak: I could send some of this to Horde World, and then, maybe some Photanium Horde Troopers can be assembled and sent to me.

She-Ra: I wouldn't count on it, Hordak!

Hordak: She-Ra! He-Man!

Man At Arms: And a bunch of rebels!

Hordak: Talk all you want, Man At Arms, as soon as I bring all of this Photanium back to Etheria, you Eternians and the Rebellion will be helpless.

He-Man: Not if we stop you, Hordak.

A few more troopers come in with Grizzlor and Dylamug

Hordak: Attack them!

The Hordesmen attack, She-Ra and He-Man are unknowingly being backed into Photanium cases. Grizzlor quickly pushes She-Ra into one and closes it quickly, He-Man and the rest, not knowing what's happened to She-Ra, are fighting off the Hordesmen. Hordak runs over to the case She-Ra is in. After the rebels fight the troopers, Hordak has the case containing She-Ra.

Hordak: I have She-Ra trapped in here. After we get done with the rest of you, I am going to take her and the Photanium, and I'm going to send her to Horde World.

Suddenly, She-Ra breaks free.

She-Ra: As you were saying, Hordak?

Hordak: Blast! We're getting out of here! There will be another time.

Hordak and the Horde escape through a portal. Awhile later, Elmora is free.

Elmora: She-Ra, He-Man, I can't thank you and your friends enough.

She-Ra: It was our pleasure, Queen Elmora.

He-Man: I'm sure Hordak is pretty disappointed in his failure.

Lizard Man: I just hope he didn't promise anything to Horde Prime.

She-Ra: Lizard Man, knowing Hordak, he's probably weasling his way out of trouble by now.

Glimmer: I'm sure Horde Prime can't be too happy with this failure.

He-Man: Hordak might want to see about doing something else with his time. I'm sure Horde Prime is looking for someone to do sanitary work on Horde World.

Everyone laughs.