Okay, to the first classic figure review of the New Year, and this may be the most obvious one, but let's cover it and get it out of the way...
This week's figure is (THE ORIGINAL) HE-MAN.

The centre of the whole line. The one that started it all.

Like the majority I expect, He-Man was the first figure of the line that I bought. They had started to creep in at school, and I was immediately attracted to their bright colours and wonderful chunky feel and appearance.

I remember the day I got him, one sunny Summer Saturday morning, when I was 5. I went shopping to the local High Street with my Mum. I had been a good boy (awwh), and she bought him for me.
One of my most vivid memories from a child is sitting that afternoon in my grandparents' large garden, and my late grandfather reading the mini-comic to me.

I love the early feel, with He-Man presented as a wandering barbarian. There was a lot of medieval feel to the early stories too, which really appealed to me. In some way, I actually like this version of He-Man more than the later Prince Adam alter ego one.

He-Man was the only figure that I ever bought twice. My original got really played with. After a couple of years the clip on the back of his armor had broken off (as they were prone to doing), and his arms were very loose (much to do with how I used to like to pull the arms off of figures and swap them around with other characters). One December Saturday morning, late in the line's life, I went to a Christmas fayre with my Grandma, and saw a brand new original He-Man there going really cheap, so I got it.
As I have mentioned on other threads, this second He-Man turned out to be the Malaysian one with the quite rare side-handle to the axe (although it wasn't a hard headed He-Man). Ordinarily, I took very good care of my figures and accessories, but for some reason, I disliked this handle as I wanted it to be like my original, and so snapped it off! I have regretted it ever since; especially in more recent times, when I have learnt that this extra handle is quite rare!!

Due to so many He-Man figures being produced, there are quite a few colour variations to be found. The most notable and well known is the belt, which varied from orange to red. Other examples have more yellowy / orangey hair, and more reddish / brown boots and trunks.

I liked He-Man's character in the Filmation cartoon. He was a super-hero, but down to Earth (or should that be down to Eternia?). He was very easy to warm to, unlike the 200x cartoon version (which I shall get on to in the moment).

As the line progressed, there were many variations of He-Man (with the first being tagged “The original” He-Man), but somehow in my eyes, the original was the best. It was so iconic and recognisable.

The 200x version of He-Man is hard to fairly judge. As with many of the updates, I didn't like that they weren’t as chunky and muscular, and that the colours were dulled down. In the MYP cartoon, He-Man was drawn with a pea-sized head and, even taking into consideration nostalgia regarding the Filmation version, I found this new one to be very hard to really warm to.

There is so much more I could say on the figure, but I'll let the thread get rolling first.

Rating... 9 or 10? The figure is basic mold and only the standard "spring waist" action feature, as all of the earliest entries in the line were. But he is just so iconic, and I spent so much of my childhood playing with him... sorry for being obvious, but it's gotta be a 10!

I'd like to hear your comments, criticisms, memories, anything to do with the figure. :-)

And, as I am also now doing with the classic episode review threads (http://www.he-man.org/forums/boards/....php?t=145063), I'm putting a poll with this thread, as an easy way to keep "score" of the figure.