Well, last week it was the original He-Man (http://www.he-man.org/forums/boards/....php?t=145155), so this week, it seemed logical to do the original Skeletor.

The evil Lord of Destruction himself. He-Man's arch enemy. Although other enemies would be added later in the line's life, Skeletor is seen as the ultimate foe in the eyes of many.

Skeletor was the second MOTU figure I bought. I had He-Man, who for a few weeks after I had him, had to make do with fighting imaginary adversaries, or figures from other toy-lines. Over those few weeks, I saved very hard. Finally, the day came when I had enough, and I remember my Mum taking me into the local high street after school one day, and in Owen & Owen's, selecting the figure, and dumping my polythene bag of change on the counter for the cashier. What fun she had, counting through all of those half pennies (wow, that dates it; they've been out of circulation for 23 years now!).
At last, I had the enemy for He-Man to do battle with. I had Skeletor!

Skeletor was a cool figure. He had great armor, including extra waist armor, which complimented his chest armor really well. I loved the colours, a mix of blue and purple. And his face - although it might seem a little tame compared with the 200x version (more of that in a bit), it none-the-less was very well cast, instantly recognisable and memorable.

As many know, there are actually a couple of early variations of the figure.
Very early examples had only the front halves of the boots painted. And some of these had purple trunks, whereas the more common version had all black trunks, matching the belt (the molded on one, not the accessory one).
I have owned about 20 Skeletors in my more recent years of seriously collecting the line, but as yet have to get hold of a 'half boots' version. I did see a half boots and purple trunks version a couple of months ago on e-bay, and have regretted not bidding for it ever since. (See attached photos of a ton of Skeletors when I was sorting out my many figures this last August into which to keep and which to sell.)

As with the original He-Man, I think in many ways that the original Skeletor is the best version of the figure. It didn't need any gimmicks, it was just very iconic on its own.

I really liked Skeletor’s early comic appearances. He was very villainous, and often spoke and acted in a rather Medieval-way. As I’ve mentioned on several other threads, such as the review thread for Castle Grayskull, when I was very young and first got into MOTU, I used to think that Castle Grayskull had once been Skeletor’s (hence the skull face), and the Elders had taken it away from him when he misused its powers; and ever since, Skeletor had been hell-bent on getting it back, and was at war with He-Man for stopping him doing so.

I love Skeletor in the Filmation cartoon series. His voice was excellent, being the perfect way between villainous and pantomime-y. Only in later episodes was he hammed up too much and made too much of a buffoon.

I remember a time, quite late on in the toy-line's life, when the cartoon had finished production but was still regularly shown here in the U.K., that I actually started to get a bit bored of He-Man; particularly in the late episodes of the cartoony, he had been portrayed a bit too squeaky clean, and for a while, I started liking Skeletor more, kind of like how some 'Star Wars' fans dig Darth Vader better than say, Luke Skywalker.

The 200x figure revamp was pretty good, although personally I wouldn't say that it was one of the very best of the new line. My main gripe is that the face - while well updated and looking quite menacing - is far too small, even more so when considering that it is very masked by his hood.
In the Mike Young Productions version of the cartoon, Skeletor was given quite a good treatment, made much more sinister and much more of a force to be reckoned with. Many times I've wondered what this new version of Skeletor but voiced in the classic 1980s style would be like.
I wasn't too sure about the Keldor treatment. I liked that they gave him a back-story, but have to confess to personally quite liking Skeletor to be "a demon from another dimension" (Infinita). I might have liked to Keldor story better if it was done mysteriously, revealed as a possibility to his past as in "The Search for Keldor" mini-comic (as opposed to being shown in the very first few minutes of the new cartoon).

I give Skeletor a top-scoring 10 out of 10.

Well, there is loads more that I could say, but I'll let the thread get running a bit first.

I'd like to hear your own comments, memories, and anything else to do with the character...