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Thread: "The original" Skeletor classic figure review thread

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    Chris here...

    I can't believe that this thread has been around since January and I've yet to reply to it...!

    The original, soft-head Skeletor was the very first MOTU figure I ever owned. Now, I read a lot of stories here about folks collecting MOTU from circa 1983 - 1985. Well, I was a real late-comer to the line, with my first MOTU figure coming in the summer of 1988!

    The reason I came to own Skeletor was that Children's ITV in the UK had started showing He-Man as part of their school holiday summer mornings line-up - I'd always enjoyed He-Man, but having seen a couple of episodes of these re-runs I suddenly became absolutely obsessed with it! I remember recording the episodes and taking the tape with me when I went to visit my Grandmother, the tape at the time having three episodes on - "Daimar the Demon", "Wizard of Stone Mountain" and "Ordeal in the Darklands", which tells me my visit must have been on a Wednesday! Anyway, seeing how much I was enjoying the episodes, my Grandmother offered to buy me a He-Man figure, which she said she would bring round the next day. She told me that she expected she'd bring it round shortly after He-Man was on - however, I expect she got confused thinking it was on in the evening, because as soon as He-Man finished I waited impatiently all day!

    Finally, at long last my Nan arrived, and guess what she'd bought? Yep, it was Skeletor! The original, soft-head, Skeletor, complete with "The Power of Point Dread" mini-comic! I absolutely loved him, and have a vivid memory of taking him out into the back garden to play with, even though it was threatening to rain!! Of course there was only so much I could do with just Skeletor on his own, so shortly thereafter my Mum & Dad bought me Flying Fists He-Man to go with him - but that's another story!

    As for the rating I'd give Skeletor - needless to say I have to go with the flow here and give him a resounding 10 out of 10!

    Take care...
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    10 just like the original He-Man orginal Skeletor is the best.
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    Yes, definitely 10 material here. The original Skeletor had everything going for him that he needed. No classic MOTU collection would be complete without an original Skeletor action figure.

    Sadly, I have to agree that Skeletor was "dumbed-down" during the show's final season. What a tragically unremarkable end to one of the most memorable animated villains to ever grace the small screen!

    I really think Filmation should have created a more fitting final episode to one of it's greatest creations. Maybe someone should start a link allowing us to summarize our individual versions of what the "perfect" final episode would consist of.

    ...just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriKlops1971 View Post
    Sadly, I have to agree that Skeletor was "dumbed-down" during the show's final season. What a tragically unremarkable end to one of the most memorable animated villains to ever grace the small screen!
    I thought he was good in the She-Ra episode 'Of Shadows and Skulls' though Especially when he says: "Hordak and She-Ra beaten in one day! I should come to Etheria more often"
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    The Skeletor character and figure is simply remarkable. Very easy to identify, his individuality is obvious. The only reason I gave him a 9 instead of a 10 is because the head, when it's made in rubber, it seems too fragile to me. I personnaly saw, as a kid, a figure losing its head by a break in the neck that went bigger and bigger and seemed to be impossible to repair. Really sad. It should have been always done in hard plastic.

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    Simple, Skeletor is the best villain ever created. and the MOTU action figure was an instant classic.

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    Possibly one of my favorite action figures of all time. I won't go into any gory details, as I think things got a bit depressing in my response to the Original HM thread... Suffice it to say, I also didn't have this figure until the mayor's son's donations to me. Skeletor is the best!
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