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Thread: ConnectiCon 2015. Any other .orgers show up?

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    ConnectiCon 2015. Any other .orgers show up?

    Just got back from this year's ConnectiCon. Overall, pretty good. Went to several panels including (but not limited to)
    George Takei, Phil Lamar, Kari Wahlgren, Maurice LaMarche, and Team Four Star. Really enjoyed myself.
    Sad that it's back to the grind on Tuesday. Bound to write an overview about it.
    But just wondered if any other He-Fans, or She-Ravers showed up this year other than myself.
    If you were there you might have seen me. I was the sole Master Shake cosplayer. Well until Sunday when ONE other
    one showed up.

    Also I found a MOC Commemorative Battle Armor He-Man
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    I am not sure whether there were .orgers present at this year's ConnectiCon or not.
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