Here we go with another classic figure review thread.

This week it is the turn of MAN-E-FACES.

Man-E-Faces was the third figure I got when I was a kid. I had He-Man and Skeletor, and couldn't decide whether to buy a Heroic Warrior or an Evil Warrior (I was very fair minded like that). When I saw Man-E, my dilemma was solved, as he was both.

In his normal persona, Man-E was a mild mannered actor. Then, when under a spell from Skeletor, he was a savage monster. Then he would become trapped between the two guises and take the form of a robot, who would take commands from whoever ordered him first.

Man-E-Faces was a good looking figure. One of his few drawbacks was that, especially with his encased head, he was a little top heavy. My Man-E had wobbly legs, even when brand new, which made standing him up even harder.

I loved Man-E-Faces' mini-comic, "The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces!", telling the story of how Skeletor used a potion to get Man-E under his command. It had such a swords & sorcery mixed with Medieval feel, one of the main reasons I love the line so much. I would probably rank it as one of the best mini-comics.

In the Filmation cartoon series, Man-E-Faces is well known for being very little used. In fact, he only ever appeared twice, in the first season episode "The Mystery of Man-E-Faces" (which gave him a totally different origin story - more of that in a moment), and season two's classic "The Shadow of Skeletor" (which by pure coincidence, is this week's classic episode review thread -
I never cared for his story in "The Mystery of Man-E-Faces". It would have been wonderful to have seen a Filmation adaptation of the great mini-comic. But instead, as with many of Filmation's versions, the original was completely ignored. I would at least have preferred to have seen some sort of more definite tale of how this version of Man-E came to have his split persona. I didn't like how he had control over his monster and other personas.

Like the Filmation series, Man-E was used in relatively little other MOTU media. He made the odd comic appearance, but not much more beyond that.

Despite that, Man-E-Faces always featured quite heavily in my battles, where I would use him in his original "The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces!" version of the character.

Well, as always, there is loads more I could say on the character, but I will hold back and let the thread get rolling first.

I give Man-E-Faces 9 out of 10.

Let's hear your thoughts, memories, comments... anything on Man-E-Faces.