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Thread: Collector or Hordak's Faced Jet

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    Collector or Hordak's Faced Jet

    I know Skeletor's ship with his face on it was called the Collector. I dont know what Hordak's plane with his on it was called though. But in your opinions, which one was a better flagship?
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    Hordak's ship was called the Annihilator.

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    I Like The collector more then the Annihilator...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Evil View Post
    I Like The collector more then the Annihilator...
    So do I

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    I always like the Collector. I felt that it was a great ship design, and it had a very solid showing in the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special.
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    The Collector had more identity because Skeletor didn't have many ships, whereas Hordak had several and I didn't realize any one of them had a specific name. I liked the Velvet Glove more, although that wasn't Hordak's ship and it's name was a little on the foppish side for a super villain warship. I guess what I'm saying is, the Collector was more special (course I wouldn't expect Horak to win a poll against Skeletor in the He-Man board, take this to the She-Ra board and it might be more of a challenge for the Lord of Destruction).

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