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Thread: Trap Jaw classic figure review thread

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    Trap Jaw classic figure review thread

    Here we go with another classic figure review thread, and I've been looking forward to this one, it's one of my all-time favourites... TRAP JAW!

    Well... where to begin... Trap Jaw is just great!!

    I got my Trap Jaw by collecting proofs of purchases from the backs of figure's boxes that I already had, and sending them off to the UK MOTU fan-club. There were several to choose from, but I had to have Trap Jaw.
    It seemed to take weeks for him to arrive. Then finally, one rainy morning, the postman tried to deliver him, but I was at school and my Mum and Dad had already left for work. So after school, my Mum drove me down to the sorting office. I had a heavy cold and we had to wait for ages... but finally I got him, finally he was mine. I had Trap Jaw!!

    (BTW, my Trap Jaw came with the glow-in-the-dark Warrior's Ring. It was too small to fit anything inside it, and it was really rough on my finger... but I loved it, I had to wear it 24-7!)

    Trap Jaw was just awesome. His jaw... his changeable mechanical arm... the loop on top of his head... TJ had so many features for one figure.

    Of course, Trappy was adapted from the 'Big Jim' figure 'Iron Jaw' figure. But it was a design well cycled.

    In his mini-comic, 'The Menace of Trap Jaw!', Trap Jaw appeared with a green body. I like him with both blue and green body. It was nice that the 200x revamp released a variation figure with this colour scheme (more of the 200x version in a bit).

    For some reason, my Trappy's jaw never had much spring. I can't remember if it came like it, or if it was through play. I didn't realise that they were meant to be quite so springy, until I started collecting MOTU seriously years later.

    But his changeable arms... simple but classic. The rifle, the claw, the hook... one for every occasion! The only thing that I sometimes wished, was that the mechanical arm was jointed in the middle, but that was only a small niggle and didn't really matter. And of course, he had a cool belt, to hang the two attachments that weren't being used on.
    It would have been cool, in the Weapons Pak, if they had provided a couple of extra attachments for his arm. Ah, we can dream...

    And to top it all, the little loop on top of his helmet, to thread string through, so he would slide down it into battle. Ahh, the hours of fun I had with such a simple concept. Trap Jaw was the ultimate armed warrior.

    In my MOTU battles, I used to have Trap Jaw as a twisted creator, who built most of Skeletor's machines. I thought that he would have been better suited to this role than Tri Klops in the 200x version. In my stories, I often used to have Trappy stealing Man-At-Arms' designs for machines and vehicles from Castle Grayskull (my Heroic Warriors used to live in Grayskull, as there was no Royal Palace play-set). And Trappy hated Man-At-Arms!

    Trap Jaw was a regular in the Filmation cartoon. Naturally, he was presented as pretty dumb, but had some good appearances.

    The 200x revamp of the figure was great. They made him look really menacing. His arm was given much more detail, and had a spring-loaded joint in the middle. As with many 200x revamps, my only slight gripe is that they dulled the colours down a bit too much. But that doesn't matter - 200x Trap Jaw is great! One of the best of the 200x line!

    In the MYP cartoon he was pretty good. I didn't like how his jaw was made out to be a metal plate worn over his real jaw though. I like to think that his whole jaw is replaced with a metal one.

    All-in-all, behind Faker, Trap Jaw ties with Tri Klops as much all-time favourite MOTU figure.

    I give Trap Jaw a solid 10 out of 10.

    Well, there are just some of my ramblings. I'd like to hear your thoughts, comments, memories... anything Trap Jaw related. And don't forget to vote with your score!
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