Sorry I've left you out all this time, Dree Elle. But you're here now.

At the Fright Zone...

Hordak: What was this horn you were telling me about Weaver?

Shadow Weaver: There is this horn called the Horn of Evil. But to get it, I must travel to the planet Trolla.

Hordak: Trolla. Where have I heard that before?

Shadow Weaver: That is the world that the miserable little wizard who lives on Eternia named Orko is from. From what I've learned, it is heavily guarded so that nobody can use it. But that horn can be useful to us. We can't get into the Whispering Woods, but its evil magic can overcome the enchantment that protects the woods, and then, the Rebels will have no choice but to follow our rule.

Hordak: Excellent. Then after we're done with that conquest, we can go to Eternia and take over that planet, too. Hahahahahahaha!

Shadow Weaver: I am off to Trolla now to take that horn.

Hordak: Excellent.

Awhile later, on Trolla, Trollans are guarding the horn

Trollan: Halt! Who goes there!

Shadow Weaver: Out of my way, you miserable wizards!

Weaver uses a spell to put them to sleep. She then takes the horn. Awhile later...

Trollan 2: Yes, Dree Elle, the Horn of Evil has been stolen again.

Dree Elle: By whom?

Trollan 1: By some evil magician who was wearing a bat on her waist.

Dree Elle: Bat on her waist? Sounds like Shadow Weaver. OH NO! The Horde has the Horn of Evil! Perhaps if I go to Eternia and get Orko and He-Man, they and Etheria's Great Rebellion could help me get it back.

Trollan 2: Good luck Dree Elle.

Meanwhile, at the Palace, Orko wakes up

Orko: Whoa, what a dream. Breakfast should be ready soon. I better...

Suddenly, Orko's magic pyramid appears, Dree Elle comes out

Orko: Dree Elle, what are you doing here?

Dree Elle: Orko, I have some bad news.

Orko: What happened?

Dree Elle: The Horn of Evil has been stolen again.

Orko: Skeletor's forces again?

Dree Elle: Worse. Shadow Weaver of the Horde came to Trolla and took it.

Orko: Oh no. Hordak will use that thing on the Rebels.

Dree Elle: We must find He-Man. He and She-Ra can help us to stop them.

Orko: Right.

A few moments later, at the other side of the Palace...

Adam: What? The Horde has the Horn of Evil?

Orko: Yes, and She-Ra and He-Man will be needed.

Adam transforms

He-Man: Get Dree Elle, we'll get to Etheria soon.

Meanwhile, outside the Whispering Woods on Etheria...

Hordak: Now, Modulok, blow into the horn!

Modulok blows into the horn.

Inside the woods...

Bow: Some black magic is coming into the woods!

Adora: I am going to find She-Ra.

A few moments later, at the other side of the woods, Adora and Spirit become She-Ra and Swift Wind, then fly to the Horde.

She-Ra: Alright, Hordak, I don't know what you're doing, but you better withdraw this magic.

Hordak: It's too late, She-Ra!

He-Man: No it's not, Hordak!

Hordak: He-Man! But no matter, we've done what we came to do. You're too late!

The Horde retreats

Orko: I wish I could remember how we reversed this spell in the past.

Dree Elle: I can't remember, either.

She-Ra: You've had experience with this kind of magic before?

He-Man: The horn they used to unleash that magic was used on Eternia not long before I came to Etheria and found you. Trap Jaw stole it from Trolla, and now, it appears the Horde has done the same.

She-Ra: Oh no! We have to find out how this spell reverses.

Several creatures from the woods, normally friendly, come after the heroes

He-Man: That's why they call it the Horn of Evil. It turns everything lovely into evil.

She-Ra: Well, until we we can figure out how to stop this, I can evacuate the woods, then we'll head to the Fright Zone to retrieve the horn.

Awhile later, the woods are evacuated, and the Rebels are temporarily housed in the village of Thaymore

She-Ra: Orko, He-Man, Dree Elle, and I will retrieve the Horn of Evil. The rest of you stay here.

Bow: We'll go with you.

He-Man: With the Horn of Evil in the Horde's possession, it will be too dangerous. We must go alone.

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone, Hordak is speaking to Horde Prime

Horde Prime: Finally, you have done well, Hordak.

Hordak: Oh, I'm not done. I'm heading to Eternia next, and I will use this horn on everyone there. He-Man is here on Etheria trying to figure a way to reverse the spell of the horn, so he will be too busy to save his worthless King and the rest of Eternia.

Horde Prime: You are doing well, Hordak. Good luck on Eternia.

Hordak: Thank you great one.

Awhile later, outside of the Fright Zone....

She-Ra: There's an opening.

He-Man: Then let's pay our friend Hordak a visit.

She-Ra, He-Man, Dree Elle, and Orko get inside. Grizzlor and Mantenna greet them

Mantenna: Troopers, freeze them!

Orko uses a spell to turn the troopers into dust

Grizzlor: You bug eyed fool! You can't control simple Horde Troopers!

Mantenna shoots beams at He-Man and She-Ra, but they cross swords, causing the beam to go back at Grizzlor and Mantenna

She-Ra: Let's go!

A few moments later, Hordak is getting set to open a gate to Eternia

Hordak: With this portal I'm opening, we can just blow the horn into it, and it will cause this magic from the horn to surround whatever part of Eternia is on the other side. Then, we can make this portal change locations.

Hordak opens the portal, on the other end is the Royal Palace of Eternia

Hordak: Finally, it's open!

She-Ra: Not so fast, Hordak!

Hordak: Modulok, blow the horn, now!

Modulok blows into the portal, black magic surrounds the Palace. Inside...

King Randor: What's happening?

Teela: This looks familiar. Someone on the other side of the portal must have blown the Horn of Evil.

Queen Marlena: I thought the Horn of Evil was just a legend.

Teela: No, it isn't. I've seen it first hand. Trap Jaw used it on Grayskull.

Everyone inside the palace grows weak. Back on the Etherian side of the portal...

Hordak: Now for Snake Mountain!

He-Man: No. Even though Skeletor is my enemy, I can't allow you to cause anymore harm with that horn.

She-Ra: Orko, Dree Elle, distract the rest of the Horde. He-Man and I will take care of Hordak and Modulok.

Orko and Dree Elle: Right!

Orko and Dree Elle make the troopers shoot at them, causing them to shoot at each other accidentally

She-Ra: Hordak, give up that horn!

Hordak: Never, She-Ra!

He-Man kicks the horn out of Modulok's hand, and Modulok goes running. A musical sheet comes out of the horn

Orko: That's it, Dree Elle! The song!

He-Man blows into the other side of the horn as She-Ra takes care of Hordak. Orko and Dree Elle begin to sing that familiar song from the episode "Dree Elle returns." The black magic disappears from both the Whispering Woods and the Palace. The portal closes


She-Ra: It looks you've failed, Hordak!

Hordak: I will get you both for this, She-Ra and He-Man!

Back at the Whispering Woods...

She-Ra: The portal will be ready soon.

Bow: I don't think the Rebellion can thank you four enough for saving us.

Dree Elle: I'm going to have to talk to Montork about locking this horn away under tighter security.

He-Man: That may be a good idea.

The portal opens, the siblings embrace, then He-Man, Orko, and Dree Elle head through it. Awhile later, at the Palace, Adam is with Orko and Dree Elle. The two Trollans embrace.

Dree Elle: I will visit again soon.

Orko: Please do, Dree Elle.

Dree Elle goes into the pyramid with the Horn of Evil, and then it disappears

Adam: After an adventure like that, I think it's time to eat.

Orko: You said it.

Teela: Glad you two are hungry.

Adam: Teela!

Teela: You two are just in time for lunch.

Adam: Leave it to Teela to send for us for anything.

Orko: You said it!

Now, onto the moral

He-Man: Today, Hordak learned that there is no shortcut to getting ahead. If you steal and use your haul for your own personal gain, it may work for awhile, but if you continue, you'll eventually be caught, and it will cause severe consequences. So remember, always be honest. See you later.