At the Whispering Woods...

Glimmer: He-Man, Teela, when will this friend of yours from Eternia arrive?

He-Man: He'll be here soon, Glimmer. The Sorceress should be opening a portal for him right now.

A portal appears. The Floating Palace comes through

She-Ra: What's that?

Teela: It's the Floating Palace.

Kothos: Greetings, friends of He-Man. My name is Kothos, the Weather Magician.

Bow: Weather Magician?

Kothos: He-Man has told me that several farmers here on Etheria have lost their crops to an evil army known as the Horde.

She-Ra: That's right. Hordak and his army have destroyed crops on many farms nearby.

Kothos: Then I shall restore those crops.

She-Ra: How did you ever come across him?

He-Man: He was once an evil magician. Evil Lyn turned him into a sand slug, but then, Kothos got his revenge after Orko changed him back. He learned that revenge is never sweet, so in return for saving his palace from Evil Lyn's magic, he is helping farmers all over Eternia.

Kothos: I shall cast some rain upon some farms immediately.

She-Ra: We better accompany him, my brother. You never know where the Horde may be lurking.

He-Man: Right, She-Ra.

Awhile later, over the last farm...

Kothos: There, that should restore this fine farmer's crops.

She-Ra: This friend of yours is amazing, brother.

He-Man: They don't call him the Weather Magician for nothing, sis!

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone, Hordak is watching on a view screen

Hordak: Modulok has spoken of this Kothos. With him now on Etheria, we can capture him and use his magic to place a permanent storm over the Whispering Woods.

Mantenna: But Hordak, you saw She-Ra and He-Man with him. They'll be sure to stop us.


Hordak throws Mantenna down a trap door

Modulok: Hordak, the Floating Palace is huge. How will we capture that thing?

Hordak: Shadow Weaver and Grizzlor will go to the farm just north of the Whispering Woods and disrupt the growing of the crops. This will draw Kothos to us, and then, Weaver will capture him.

Shadow Weaver: Come, Grizzlor, we have a magician to capture.

Meanwhile, at the Whispering Woods...

Bow: You have done a great job restoring the crops, Kothos.

Kothos: As a resident of Eternia, I feel that it is my duty to not only help my Eternian friends against Skeletor, but it's also my duty to help the Rebellion and the rest of Etheria against the Horde.

She-Ra: He-Man has told me of what you originally were. It is great to see that you have changed.

Kothos: Wait. I'm sensing a disturbance at a farm just north of the Woods. I must go there. I will return shortly.

Kothos goes to the farm, suddenly, a bubble surrounds the Palace

Kothos: What kind of trick is this? Who's responsible for this?

Shadow Weaver: We have him.

Grizzlor: Grizzlor to Hordak: We have captured Kothos.

Hordak: Excellent. Bring him and that floating island he rides on here.

Grizzlor: Yes, mighty one.

Back at the Fright Zone, Kothos is tied up, his magic being drained

Kothos: Who are you?

Hordak: I am Hordak, ruler of Etheria.

Kothos: Hordak! He-Man warned me about you!

Hordak: Bah. You may get the upper hand on my old pupil, Skeletor, but you will never defeat me. I will use your magic and create a permanent storm over the Whispering Woods. Not even She-Ra and He-Man can stop me! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Meanwhile, back at the Woods....

Teela: He-Man, have you seen Kothos? He should've been back by now.

He-Man: No, I haven't.

She-Ra: He-Man, Teela, a rebel spy just told me that he saw Shadow Weaver and Grizzlor capture Kothos.

He-Man: We must save him.

Teela: I want to come along.

She-Ra: No, Teela. Hordak is looking for revenge on your father, and if he sees you, he will send you to the mine of slaves for sure.

He-Man: Let us take care of this.

She-Ra: Up, Swift Wind!

Swift Wind takes off with He-Man and She-Ra on his back. Teela follows them anyhow.

Meanwhile, inside the Fright Zone....

Catra: Mighty Hordak, Shadow Weaver almost has all of his magic drained and ready for you.

Hordak: Good, good. I have several troopers guarding the Fright Zone in case She-Ra and He-Man decide to come and save him.

Teela arrives outside the Fright Zone

Trooper: Look, someone's coming. Looks like a rebel.

Trooper 2: That's not a rebel. It is Teela, daughter of that Eternian inventor Man At Arms.

Trooper: Let's capture her.

Teela falls down a trapdoor. A few minutes later, in Hordak's throne room, Teela is handcuffed

Hordak: Well, if it isn't Man At Arms' daughter, Teela!

Teela: What have you done to Kothos, you villain?

Hordak: I'm just draining his magic so I can use it on your worthless rebel friends. As for you, I will take you to Beast Island after we finish our scheme. Catra, escort our guest to her cell.

Catra: Yes, mighty one.

Hordak: With Teela and Kothos as our captive, She-Ra and He-Man will have no choice but to surrender. Hahahahahahaha!

Meanwhile, He-Man, She-Ra, and Swift Wind are approaching the Fright Zone

He-Man: Hordak should be expecting us any moment.

She-Ra: Let's greet the troopers our way, brother.

They land on the ground

She-Ra: Hello troopers!

Trooper: It's She-Ra, and He-Man!

The troopers begin to shoot. The heroes cross swords, taking out a few. They get inside, the alarm sounds

Hordak: What's going on?

Grizzlor: Mighty Hordak, She-Ra and He-Man have arrived.

Hordak: Excellent. Grizzlor, Mantenna, take care of them.

He-Man and She-Ra are walking through the dungeon

Teela: She-Ra, He-Man, over here!

He-Man: Teela!

Mantenna: Not so fast, Rebels!

She-Ra: My, my, Mantenna, it would seem Hordak is getting so desperate, so he has to send you two after us.

Mantenna shoots rays from his eyes at He-Man. He blocks it, and the ray hits Mantenna, knocking him down to the floor hard

Grizzlor: You bug eyed fool! I'll stop them!

Grizzlor goes after She-Ra, but she grabs him and throws him on Mantenna

Catra: I will not let you two free our prisoners.

He-Man: You don't have to let us, we'll do it anyway.

Catra: We'll see!

Catra goes into cat form, charging at He-Man. This gives She-Ra time to free Teela. He-Man throws Catra to Teela

Teela: Alright, cat lady, time for you to see what it's like to tangle with the captain of the Royal Guard!

Teela swings Catra around, throwing her into some Horde troopers

She-Ra: Now, let's find Kothos.

Meanwhile, in the throne room

Hordak: Blast! They've freed Teela. No matter. I will join Shadow Weaver in the lab where she's draining Kothos' magic.

Hordak heads down to the lab, joining Shadow Weaver

Hordak: She-Ra, He-Man, and Teela are headed this way. We can't let them free the magician.

He-Man: Like we told Catra, you don't have to let us, we'll do it anyway.

Hordak: That's what you think, He-Man!

Scorpia walks in, ready to tie her tail around He-Man. Teela catches her

Teela: Oh no you don't, lobster woman!

Teela lifts Scorpia by her tail and throws her to Shadow Weaver, who disappears.

Hordak: Fools! I'll take care of them!

Hordak transforms his arm into a cannon and goes to shoot the heroes. She-Ra transforms her sword into a shield, reflecting the beam, destroying the machine Kothos' magic is going into, restoring his magic, and allowing him to go free

Hordak: No!

Kothos grabs Hordak

Kothos: You won't be causing trouble for awhile, you tyrant!

Kothos throws Hordak upstairs

She-Ra: Now, let's get back to the Whispering Woods.

Kothos: Yes. But let's travel in the Floating Palace.

He-Man: Good idea. Swift Wind can use the rest.

Awhile later, at the Whispering Woods...

Kothos: The farm's crops have been restored. Anytime a farm needs help here on Etheria, don't hesitate to contact me, She-Ra.

She-Ra: You've done your part for the Rebellion, Kothos. You are welcome back here anytime.

He-Man: Teela and I must be going, as well. She and Prince Adam are due at the Palace for a royal visit from the Starchild.

The twins embrace, then Teela embraces She-Ra

Teela: See you again soon, She-Ra.

He-Man, Teela, and the Floating Palace go through a huge portal.

OK, folks, time for another useful moral.

She-Ra: Teela and I want to talk to you about pedestrian safety. Whenever you are about to cross a street, vehicles could be coming by at rapid speeds.

Teela: Always look both ways before crossing, whether a car, a truck, or a motorcycle rides past.

She-Ra: Everyone will be safe. Believe us, you'll be glad you did. See you next time.