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Thread: Buzz-Off classic figure review thread

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    Buzz-Off classic figure review thread

    I haven't had much time to get on to the forum this week due to family circumstances, but have just grabbed a few minutes to pop on and start this week's classic figure review thread - everyone's favourite bee warrior, BUZZ-OFF.

    I remember when Buzz-Off was very first released; my friends and I at school, seeing the figure listed on the back-of-box art of other figures before seeing the actual Buzz-Off figure in person, thought that Buzz-Off was an Evil Warrior. His whole design seemed to fit the bill of being a villain, and after all, the Heroic Warriors already had a flying warrior with Stratos. Of course, when we saw the figure in person, we soon realised that he wasn't an Evil Warrior - no-one with such a cheerful grin could be evil!!

    I never had a Buzz-Off figure during my original time of MOTU collecting as a child, but he was one of the first figures that I bought when I started re-collecting the line seriously. He was just so bright and novel, I really loved him. He is also one of the figures that my father likes from the line, always referring to him as "Bee Man".
    Maybe his only small minus point is his over-cheerful grin, but it doesn't really matter to any great extent, and is no more goofy than several other vintage figure's faces.

    The figure came with an add-on 'bug eyes' helmet, and a brown variation of the standard Castle Grayskull axe, with an additional handle to supposedly make it possible for the figure's claw hands to hold - although in reality, it was really awkward for him to hold properly.

    The vintage Buzz-Off figure seems to be one of the most common on the second hand market, in my own personal experience. At one stage I had around 20 examples of the figure! I even had one with the wings stuck on the wrong way (ie. the detailing facing forwards, not backwards); whether this was a production run fault, or just a one-off fluke, I don't know.

    I thought it would be great if Buzz-Off had an Evil Warrior counterpart, a wasp (named Waspo!!). They could even have recycled the bulk of the mold parts - and we all know how Mattel loved to recycle parts!

    An early prototype of character seems to be mentioned in the bible for the Filmation cartoon series, where he is a bug-type character called "Bugg Off".

    In the Filmation series, Buzz Off appeared regularly during the show's second season, and on many occasions was paired with Mekaneck. I quite liked the character, even if his voice could be a little grating.

    The 200x revamp of the figure stuck very close to the original's concept and design, giving it a more detailed and insect-like update. It included antennas on the figure's head, and four little insect... things, on its back. They also toned down his over-happy smile (the Four Horsemen themselves said that the original's face looked a little too cheerful), making the new version looking like it means business a little more. I love the update, it keeps the basis of the original with a gentle update; it is one of my very favourite 200x revamps.

    All-in-all, I really like Buzz-Off. He is such a fun and unique character, and stands as one of my favourite post-first two wave figures of the original line.
    I give Buzz-Off 9 out of 10.

    Well, that's my thoughts on the character.
    I'd love to hear your own thoughts, comments, memories... anything to do with Buzz-Off.
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