This week's selected classic figure is... KOBRA KHAN.

I got Kobra Khan as a kid one time when we went on holiday to Guernsey. Several relations had given me money to spend - I think they intended it to go on ice creams and rock and what not, but I persuaded my parents to let me spent my money on a new MOTU figure, and chose the newly release Kobra Khan. (For overseas readers, Guernsey is a little island off of mainland U.K., near the similar Jersey).

This Kobra Khan was French. Being too young at that stage to really know about different country versions, I'm not sure if it was just fluke (as the odd French-produced figure occasionally turned up in mainland U.K. toyshops), or if Guernsey fell under French distribution zone and had French figures.
French KK is the same as the regular, with the colours maybe just very slightly darker than the regular version.
If they did sell exclusively French-produced toys, I could have really cleaned up, with some great variations, but as I say, was too young to really comprehend it.

I had great fun playing with Khan on the beach. Running down to the sea to fill him up, running back, and finding it "hilarious" when I squirted him at my Dad. Only drawback of this beach play was that a few granules of sand got into the pump mechanism, making it less smooth.

Khan's feature, as with so many great MOTU figures, was simple but effective. Fill him up with water, put his head back on, press down... watch as he squirted his venom at his victims.

Even before the Snake Men were conceived, I used to have Kobra Khan as a sort of loner, one of Skeletor's minions but very much his own boss. For some reason, I always imagined him speaking with a French accent - maybe because my figure was made in France!

I always thought it was kind of cool how you could take KK's head off, like it had been chopped off in battle, and have it slide across the ground, with the pump mechanism like all entrails... ...okay, so I was a messed up kid!!

Kobra Khan was a regular in the second season of the Filmation cartoon series, often teamed with Webstor, who was released at the same time. In the cartoon, his venom mist protruded from his "ears" (or whatever you'd term them as); I always thought it was a shame that the figure didn't have these.

Of course, later, the Snake Men were introduced to the toy-line, and Kobra Khan, being a snake man, was incorporated into them. He was presented as a sort of go-between of the Snake Men and Skeletor, but generally (although not always) more sided with Skeletor (unlike the 200x version, more of this in a moment).

The 200x revamp figure was very good. I liked how the figure now had Khan's "ears" (or whatevers). The only annoying thing was that I found it impossible to make him hold his gun properly.
The MYP cartoon gave KK more depth, as a lackey of Skeletor's intent on helping his Snake Men brothers back into power.
Interesting to note that the 200x figure was boxed as 'Venom Spitting Khan'. I've heard rumour that it was due to copyright conflict, with another toy-line holding the rights to "Kobra Khan" or very similar.

Not sure how to rate Kobra Khan. When I think of MOTU, I wouldn't necessarily immediately think of him as a particular favourite, but I did like the character, and had lots of fun playing with him.

I give Kobra Khan... 8 out of 10.

That's my ramblings.
I'd like to hear your thoughts, comments, memories... anything Kobra Khan-related. And don't forget to vote with your rating!