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Thread: Granamyr "hilarity"

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    Granamyr "hilarity"

    I'm a terrible drawer, but go to a small Art class and every week draw a play on words. This week... well, you can see for yourself. I don't normally use recognised characters, but with this one, just couldn't resist MOTU-ing it. (Okay, so they look nothing like they're supposed to, but anyway...)

    If you're bored enough, other junk I've scribbed is on my e-bay page (

    I'll shut up now!
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    That's actually pretty good.

    Out of curiosity, did you draw that from memory, or did you have pictures of these characters with you to use as reference?

    Granted, while this drawing doesn't look professional (and frankly, a picture drawn by me wouldn't either), it's still very recognizable, so the work done here is good. And if you did it from memory, it is even more impressive.

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