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Thread: "Into the Abyss" vintage episode review thread

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    "Into the Abyss" vintage episode review thread

    Promise to self... I *shall* make time tomorrow and catch up on the damn review threads that I start but haven't reviewed myself. Family... terrible net connection... DVD player giving up the ghost (luckily I have several)... all have not helped in recent weeks, but dammit, I'm gonna throw my whole life away and dedicate it to MOTU. ...Oh wait, I've pretty much done that already!

    Anyway, this week's vintage thread review (notice how I've changed from "classic" to "vintage"? Vintage I feel describes the era better, as vintage episodes aren't all classics, if you see what I mean)... anyway, this week's is another fan favourite, "INTO THE ABYSS".

    Brief plot overview:
    After He-Man and co. save the Widgets from Beast Man, Adam complains that he is tired of Teela constantly trying to coax him into training. On the suggestion of Duncan, Teela takes Adam into the forest for a picnic combined with a skill-enhancing game of hide-and-seek. Finding a woodland creature that she names "Pookie", Teela heads to Castle Grayskull to find a hiding place. Teela pulls Pookie back from the brink of the bottomless abyss, but the ground gives way, sending the pair off them plummeting down...

    Let's hear what you have to say on this popular episode. And whether you post your comments or not, don't forget to rate the episode in the poll.
    I will get around to reviewing the episode myself... soon... honest!!
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