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Thread: "The Heart of A Giant" vintage episode reivew thread

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    "The Heart of A Giant" vintage episode reivew thread

    Well, here we go... we've finally reached "The Heart of A Giant", the final produced episode of the first season. Every first season episode has now been covered on the forum!

    This is another episode that splits the vote - some people seem to really dislike it, but let's discuss it anyway.

    Brief plot overview:
    Man-At-Arms, Prince Adam, Cringer and Orko are out in the forest, searching for some Sulkweed for one of Duncan's experiments, when a storm draws on. When the group split up, Orko is terrified when he glimpses a giant man, silhouetted by the lightning, and knocks himself out on a tree as he goes to escape. The giant safely returns Orko to the rest of the party, complete with a bag of Sulkweed - but Orko insists that the giant man was a monster who attacked him. Overhead, the evil Sideshow Master spots the giant from his flying circus ship, and wants to capture him for his intergalactic sideshow. He captures the giant, and Orko too, and He-Man must rescue them from the flying circus, as the Sideshow Master sets off after his next target - the flying birdman, Stratos...

    Let's hear what you have to say on this what seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it episode. And whether you post your thoughts or not, don't forget to rate it in the poll!
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