This takes place a few weeks after He-Man and Skeletor return to the present time, on Eternia. Differs from Olesker's season 2 plans slightly, but in this fic, the Galactic Guardians come to the present to help.

On Eternia, at the Palace...

Adam: Back home for three weeks, and not a single peep from Skeletor.

Man At Arms: Word has it that Skeletor and his ally Flogg have been busy rebuilding Snake Mountain.

Adam: I'm sure glad Adora and the Rebels were able to keep the Horde away from Eternia while I was gone.

King Randor: Adam, Duncan, dinner is ready.

Adam: Good. I can use a bite.

King Randor: Before we go and eat, Adam, I just want to say that over the years, you have done a great job defending Eternia. All those times, I thought you were running and cowering, but little did we know, you were defending us all that time.

Adam: I had to keep it secret even from you and mother.

King Randor: Adora told us about her secret, as well. She told me that she couldn't wait for your return so you could go to Etheria to help against the Horde when needed.

Adam: Yes. I'm surprised she hasn't called. Surely she knows I'm back.

Man At Arms: The Sorceress did tell her.

Adam: She must be holding her own then.

Meanwhile, at the new Snake Mountain...

Skeletor: Things are finally in order here. Flogg, Slushhead, I am going to summon my warriors from the present time. I always got a good laugh out of their idiocy.

Skeletor summons his minions

Skeletor: Flogg, this is Beast Man, Merman, Evil Lynn, Andros, Trap Jaw, Whiplash, and Spikor, just a few of my evil warriors. Boys, meet my allies from the future planet of Denebria, the Mutants. Of course, they look as funny as you all do.

Beast Man: I don't look funny, Skeletor.

Skeletor: Oh, why do I bother? Beast Man, when I say you look funny, then you look funny. In fact, I'm going to point at you and laugh at you right now. Na na na na na na!

Beast Man: Yes, master.

Skeletor: Now, Flogg, what I want is for you to do is aide me in taking over Eternia and eliminating He-Man, and in return, I will return to the future with you and help you take over Primus.

Flogg: Something tells me that your plans fail here just as badly as they did on Primus.

Skeletor: Oh, Flogg, don't worry. Together, we'll take these paltry Eternians. We can have so much fun doing it, too!

Flogg: Alright, if you insist. What will we do first?

Skeletor: There's this castle here on Eternia that has many secrets called Grayskull. Help me turn the Sorceress into meatloaf.

Flogg: Slushhead, let's go.

Skeletor: My men, you will help me. Understood?

Silence falls over the throne room

Skeletor: UNDERSTOOD????

All of Skeletor's men: Yes, master.

Awhile later, at the Palace...

Teela: So you're telling me that you now condone Adam walking off when there's trouble?

Queen Marlena: Trust me, Teela, there is a good reason.

Teela: Well, if you and the king say so.

As Adam listens to the conversation, the Sorcerss contacts him

Sorceress: Skeletor and his men, along with new allies called Flogg and Slushhead, are planning to attack Grayskull.

Adam: Hmmm, with an army that big, I'll have to call for help.

Sorceress: I will contact She-Ra.

Adam: I will communicate with Primus in the future and get the Galactic Guardians to come to Eternia.

Sorceress: Very well, Adam.

Adam: Cringer, I have some business to take care of. Battlecat won't be needed.

Cringer: No problem, Adam.

Adam, now outside...

Adam: Good, nobody can see me. By the Power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRR!

He-Man: Now, to contact Master Sebrian.

Meanwhile, in the future, on Primus...

Mara: Peace for the last three weeks. All thanks to He-Man. I never knew that Adam was really He-Man.

Master Sebrian: We had to keep it a secret. Caz and Drissi are still not to know of the secret.

Mara: Understood.

He-Man contacts Sebrian.

Master Sebrian: He-Man? How's things back home on Eternia?

He-Man: Not good, I'm afraid. Skeletor has combined his Eternian forces with the Mutants, and they're attacking the planet's main headquarters, Castle Grayskull. Do you think you can send Hydron, Tuskador, and Flipshot to the past to help?

Master Sebrian: I shall send them.

He-Man: Thank you, Master Sebrian.

Awhile later, at Sebrian's home...

Flipshot: So He-Man is needing our help. After he helped us, I am more than happy to help.

Caz: Can I come along?

Tuskador: This is a man's job, Caz. Your sister needs you to help her mind the animals.

Caz: Why don't I ever get to fight the Mutants?

Hydron: You have a big responsibility, Caz. Drissi would not be too happy with us if you came to the past with us. Maybe when you're old enough.

The Guardians go into the Starship Eternia as a portal to the past and Eternia opens. Meanwhile, back on Eternia, outside Grayskull, a portal opens, She-Ra walks through

She-Ra: He-Man!

The siblings embrace

He-Man: It's good to see you sis.

She-Ra: So I hear that Skeletor has brought some mutant allies back from the future.

He-Man: Yes. I myself am waiting for allies from the future. And here they come now!

The Starship Eternia comes through a portal, then lands. Tuskador, Flipshot, and Hydron walk out

Flipshot: We got here as soon as we could, He-Man.

He-Man: Flipshot, Tuskador, and Hydron, meet my sister, She-Ra.

She-Ra: I see you've met some friends in the future.

He-Man: Yes.

Caz: Wow! Look at this place!

Flipshot: Caz! You were told not to come with us!

He-Man: I see some things never change.

Tuskador: We'll deal with you later.

He-Man: I'll contact Man At Arms and Teela. I think we'll be ready now.

Meanwhile, leaving Snake Mountain, Skeletor, his army, and the Mutants are in a huge ship that is built to resemble the Mutants' mothership.

Skeletor: Oh yes, like old times. You know, Flogg, before we go back to the future, I should bring you to a planet called Etheria. I once worked for this idiot named Hordak, and he looks so ugly, he makes Slushhead look handsome.

Slushhead: Why thank you, Skeletor.

Skeletor: Quiet you! I wasn't giving you a compliment, I was just simply...Oh, forget it. Set a course for Castle Grayskull, Beast Man.

Beast Man: Yes, mighty one.

Skeletor: This is a great plan that, you thought of, Flogg.

Flogg: Of course, Skeletor.

Awhile later, as the ship approaches...

She-Ra: I've never seen anything so ugly.

He-Man: I have. That thing resembles the Mutants' mothership.

Caz: I'll show those Mutants.

He-Man: No, Caz. Let the rest of us take care of this.

Inside the ship...

Skeletor: Are the lazers ready?

Flogg: Yes, Skeletor.

Skeletor: Then open fire!

They fire on Grayskull. He-Man, She-Ra, and the Guardians go into the Starship Eternia. Man At Arms and Teela go into a Wind Raider.

Skeletor: We way! It's the Starship Eternia. But how...

Flogg: I don't know. But there's He-Man, the Guardians, and some woman on there.

Skeletor: That's She-Ra. I had forgotten about her!

Slushhead: Is she trouble?

Trap Jaw: She's a female version of He-Man.

Flogg: Skeletor, why didn't you tell me there was a woman He-Man?

Skeletor: I forgot, and besides, she lives on Etheria. I didn't think she would be here. And look. Man At Arms and Teela are firing on us.

The ship fires at the Wind Raider, but it ducks

She-Ra: He-Man, we should go into that ship and pay them a visit.

He-Man: Right. Tuskador, Flipshot, and Hydron, keep firing, we're going into that ship.

He-Man and She-Ra jump out of the cockpit and onto the ship. They open the entrance and sneak in.

Skeletor: We have visitors, it would seem.

She-Ra: That is right. So we meet again, Skeletor.

Skeletor: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE HERE, SHE-RA! I was hoping never to see you again. You drive me as nuts as He-Man does!

He-Man: Thank you for the compliment. Now, we're going to take care of this ship and send you back to Snake Mountain.

Flogg: Not if I can help it.

Flogg and Slushhead go after the heroes. She-Ra grabs Slushhead

She-Ra: Did you know that you can drown if you keep your head in a water jar?

She-Ra throws Slushhead, He-Man takes care of Flogg, then make short work of Skeletor's forces. They proceed to damage the controls to the point where it will take them directly back to Snake Mountain, as they leave the ship...

Skeletor: She-Ra, He-Man, you haven't heard the last of me! I will be back, I promise you that!

She-Ra: Skeletor taken care of again, just like old times.

Hydron: Thanks to you and He-Man. I'm so glad we were able to be of help.

He-Man: Had your ship and Man At Arms' Wind Raider not fired on it, we wouldn't have been able to render the ship useless. As I always told you, we were all heroes.

Tuskador: Well, Caz actually helped us. But still, Caz, you need to learn to obey orders.

She-Ra: Give it time, Tuskador.

Flipshot: Ask He-Man. Caz is stubborn, it will be a long time before that happens.

Flipshot: We must go home now.

He-Man: Thank you for your help.

The Eternia goes through a portal back to Primus and the future.

She-Ra: Since I'm here on Eternia, maybe I should pay mother and father a visit, and maybe we could spend some time catching up.

He-Man: That would be a great idea.

Teela: Then what are we waiting for? Back to the Palace.

Man At Arms: I'm with Teela on that!

Moral time

Caz is on Etheria, playing football with some male rebels, Guardians, and Eternians. He isn't wearing a helmet.

Bow: Caz, put your helmet on!

Caz: Don't sweat it, Bow, I'm fine.

Suddenly, Caz is tackled by Stanlan

He-Man: Whoa! You're lucky you didn't get hurt!

She-Ra: Remember, when you play tackle football, always wear a helmet.

He-Man: Right on, sis!