The last few "who would win" battle scenarios have gone really well, with lots of votes and posts, and are still often popping up with new additions even now.

Anyway, this week’s battle scenario is the battle of the "nightmare" characters: SCARE GLOW vs. MOSQUITOR vs. SNAKE FACE.

Let's take a look at the statistics:

  • For the Evil Warriors: SCARE GLOW - Because he's (echo-y voice) A GHOST! Is he the actual ghost of Skeletor, or just a ghost working for Skeletor? We may never know. Either way, he glows in the dark, which is pretty darned scary.
  • For the Evil Horde: MOSQUITOR - Because he (echo-y voice) SUCKS YOUR BLOOD! His second appearance in recent battles, this mosquito-man can sometimes fly in some versions.
  • For the Snake Men: SNAKE FACE - Because he can (echo-y voice) TURN YOU TO STONE (Oh, and the whole snakes-coming-out-of-his-face thing is pretty scary too)! Not too much is known about him, but in most sources, his terrifying image is enough to stun his victims solid.

(No Heroic Warrior in this one because, well, the good guys aren't supposed to be scary!).

As always, for the sake of argument, each warrior is only armed with the weapons which their figure version came with.
And remember folks, this is a battle scenario, not voting for which one you like the most!

Let the battle commence...