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Thread: For Trade : Perfuma

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    For Trade : Perfuma

    I have Perfuma in very nice condition. Her backpack is quite minty as is her skirt. Very crisp and spotless. Her boots have a little wear on the very edges of them. That's the only paint loss there. she also has some tiny paint rubs on the raised parts of each of her arm bands.Her left boot also a scuff in the paint as well. her hair has lots of curl but is a mess and I'm afraid to ruin it. She was a double in a lot I got. So i'd like to trade her.

    If anyone is interested PM me and I will be adding pictures of her shortly. She's really beautiful condition. I just have one already and I have this thing about keeping the first ones I get of a figure and trading off all the others regardless of condition so.. lucky whoever wants her

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    Where are you located? And what would you trade her for?

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