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Thread: Who wants a Blu-ray of the 1987 movie?

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    Who wants a Blu-ray of the 1987 movie?

    Here is a poll about the BD version of the movie we all (?) love..

    does anyone know what company still has the rights to releasing this film to blu-ray ??

    for me, it would be an instant pre-order....

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    Evil Villain!!! adam03's Avatar
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    Meh, I`ll buy a blue ray player when dvd`s become obsolete, for now I`ll stick to the DVD version

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    like adam03 said,

    i will wait for dvds to be obsolete but i dont see that happening any time soon. by the time that happens we will be downloading movies just as easily.

    i'd love for an "anniversary edition"dvd with special features though! i WOULD buy that!!
    I want NA Skeletor and Rio Blast and I want them now!

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    I'm sorry, I just hate that movie way too much to ever consider spending money on it...
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    I'm still lacking most of the VHS and DVD publications. As a perfectionist, this would just make it on my list of 'will have to buy someday'. But lacking equipment to even see such rays I'm in no hurry.
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    Being an Audiophile and Videophile I say the Blu-Ray is mandatory and with a proper Soundtrack in multi-channel this time please.
    And also a nice documentary would help with a ton of Extras to watch.

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